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If you are in a Madden 23 simulation league or franchise, we have the best Madden 23 sleeper QBs you can pick up for simulation.

These Eight unstoppable simulation sleeper QBs in Madden 23 will either be your long-term or temporary solution.

We picked these sleeper QBs specifically for simulation. This means there are certain traits and characteristics about these QBs that make them great sleeper QBs.

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Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

The Philosophy of Winning

Before we jump into this, there are things to know and understand about simulation QBs to win.

First off, overall has very little weight in the grand scheme of things. You can have a high overall QB and team and still only have eight wins.

With that being said, the thing that plays a huge role in winning games is the Best Playbooks and Schemes Madden 23 | 29.5 Sacks. Another important role in winning is the right traits.

Things you need to take note of:

Touching further on development, if two QBs have the same traits, we would start the 64 overall Star Development QB over the 75 overall Normal Development QB.

Also, in regards to QB traits, the one trait you must avoid is “Paranoid Sense of Pressure”. Josh Allen has this trait, which is why we would get rid of him. Yes, it is that important to avoid in a simulation league.

#8 Josh Rosen | Free Agency – 62 Ovr

Josh Rosen isn’t the greatest on this list, which is why he is number 8 on the list.

Rosen needs to have a good team around him to succeed properly, such as the Cowboys. If he is on a good team, you will see him throw for 5,000+ yards. However, if he is not on the right playbooks and schemes, he will be atrocious.

However, he is a QB that we would only play for about a year to buy us time to get our franchise QB or wait for our franchise QB to come back from injury. Whatever the case, it would be temporary.

Furthermore, Rosen has the traits needed to fill the role of QB. However, the one trait that is good yet bad is the “Throw Away” trait, which he does not have. With the throwing the ball away trait, he would not take very dumb and unrealistic sacks for the most part. Without this trait, he would throw the ball away when he could clearly make something happen.

#7 Bailey Zappe | Patriots – 64 Ovr

Zappe is another QB you have to be careful with. He should be on the right team like the Cowboys or Eagles for example.

If you do not get him to a Star Development (Dev) in the next two years, you have to get rid of him. Otherwise, he will do more harm than good. If you do not get him to a Star Dev, his throw power will regress.

You will not be able to turn him into an Improviser QB especially since he has the “Throw Away” trait. With that said, work on his Field General first then switch him to a Strong Arm.

All in all, he has great traits for the most part and good enough attributes to become an up to 6,000 yards per year QB.

#6 Tyler Huntley | Ravens – 68 Ovr

If you are looking for an Improvising QB, Tyler Huntley is your guy. This is especially so since he does not have the “Throw Away” trait, which is great. If you have the “Throw Away” trait, your Improviser QB is not a true Improviser.

Huntley has good enough traits overall that will get the job done for you. Also, his short accuracy is great, which is perfect for an Improviser QB.

With that being said, you are going to need to get his development up if you plan on keeping him as your franchise QB. If you turn him into an X-Factor, you will need to assign “Recuperation” to him since his Stamina is low.

You will also need to keep his morale high. If it dips, his injury will dip.

So, upgrade his Improviser and, eventually in time, upgrade his Strong Arm archetype to increase his throw power.

#5 Davis Mills | Texans – 70 Ovr

Davis Mills is a Star Dev, which makes him perfect for a franchise QB until you can find one better that is.

Mills is a productive QB, not a stellar QB, but productive. He may take sacks that he should not take or he’s doing things that are a bit odd. This odd behavior is where the one trait that will come back to haunt Mills is the “Trigger Happy Sense of Pressure”.

However, he will get you to where you want to get to. He’s a patch QB, so nothing special. In our Texans rebuild, we made Mills good and then got rid of him. It was great trade value and we knew that we just

Since Mills is a patch QB, if you are in a competitive league with other people (money involved or not), we would not bank on him for 10+ years. Make him good and send him on his way.

#4 Trey Lance | 49ers – 71 Ovr

Trey Lance is a bit of a tough one since he is on IR with a broken fibula. Given his injury, the thing we would watch out for is Lance losing his Star Development.

He is a really good Improvising QB so work on getting that up. Once you get his Improviser archetype up, you will get his true value.

He has great throw power and his traits are not that bad. His Ideal Forcing Passes would be better if it was aggressive and his Average Sense of Pressure would be better suited if it was ideal, however, it’s not the worst. He doesn’t have the Throw Ball Away trait, which is what you want.

Overall, Lance can be a very dangerous QB especially since he is 22 years old. He could be a great fit to fill your needs, whatever they may be.

#3 Kenny Pickett | Steelers – 68 Ovr

A good way to look at Pickett is he is your pure game manager. He’s a Strong Arm QB, not a Scrambler QB like Madden thinks he is. He does not have the wheels to be a Scrambler with those non-souped-up Honda legs. He’ll get his milk money taken from him.

He has the injury, stamina, and toughness along with an 86-throw power to become a great Stron Arm QB.

He has the Aggressive Forcing Passes trait, which is ideal and the other traits are not bad, nothing you should worry about.

If you have a good team around him, he will be your guy. The only downsides are his Normal Development and the Throw Ball Away trait.

#2 Desmond Ridder | Falcons – 69 Ovr

Desmond Ridder is a very balanced QB. He can be an Improvising QB or Strong Arm QB but he will not be a great one at that. However, he can get the job done and win you games.

He is a 69 overall QB and his development is Normal. That said, he can get up to a Star Development in the future.

If you have a better team around him, you will win Super Bowls. We used him in our Madden 23 Falcons Rebuild and won 6 or 7 Super Bowls with him.

Ridder can win in the right system and he will be cheap, but you will need to invest some time in Ridder. Eventually, Ridder will hold some great trade value.

Overall, Ridder is a QB that can get you to the promised land in the right system and with the right team around him. One reward is winning a lot of games and another reward is trading him for more than what you got him for.

#1 Jordan Love | Packers – 66 Ovr

Jordan Love is number one on this list for several reasons. Love is a plug-and-play QB for your franchise. He also has the best traits out of everyone on this list along with good enough ratings. And right out of the gate, you are getting a QB who has the best throw style in the game.

With that being said, he can be a true Strong Arm QB with the throw power he already has at 90 overall. On top of that, he has some of the most ideal traits and does not have the throw the ball away trait.

His ratings are great as well. Love is a guy where you can build around him, get him to a Star Development, and he’s not going to ruin your wallet.

Overall, Jordan Love is the best sleeper out of this lineup. He will be your guy to win you games, Super Bowls, and throw for 6,000 yards per season.

Let us know if you used any of these QBs and how well did they work for you.

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