Abuse Team Needs in Madden 22

October 1, 2021
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Abuse Team Needs in Madden 22

October 1, 2021
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What you Will Learn

After this article, you will be able to trade for almost anyone on any team or any draft pick in Madden 22. Once you learn how to abuse Maddens trade logic you will dominate regardless of the team that you choose to play on. Learning how to use Team Needs and then how to abuse Madden’s Team Needs trade A.I. you will be able to accomplish almost anything that you set your mind to in Madden 22.

Video Tutorial

The Power Of Team Needs

You Can Change a Teams Team Needs

Every time you trade for a player on a team depending on how high of an overall they are it can affect the team’s “Team Needs”. If they already have low overalls at that position then that position is likely already in their top 5 Team Needs. Changing a team’s Team Needs can be done easily and effectively for every team. This includes high-end teams like the Bucs, Chiefs, Ravens, Browns, and much more. Every one of these high-powered teams can get crushed in the trade game and lose almost all of their players to you via trading.

Each time you trade for a player you should know whether or not it will change their Team Needs after the trade is finalized. To know whether or not it will change their Team Needs think of it based upon overalls. If the player you are trading for is a high overall than and they do not have a decent 2nd string player left on their team then there is a high chance that it will change their Team Needs by adding or placing that position higher on their Team Needs top 5 list.

How to Guarantee a Position on Their Team Needs Top 5 List

There is another way to make a certain position pop on their Team Needs for you to capitalize on it later. That is trading for every player that they have at that position. For example, the Steelers will trade you Cameron Hayward extremely easily. If they will trade you him easily then they will trade you the backup easily as well. If you take both of their REs then RE will for certain pop up in their top 5 Team Needs.

And what is so beautiful about this is that you can now trade them a lower overall player from the free agency and the Steelers will find a lot of these 3rd string water boys somewhat interesting. Sometimes they find them so interesting that they will even trade you other pretty good players that they have to try and replace what they lost causing them to eventually end up needing and wanting even more.

CPU-controlled teams can only pick up players from the free agency after you advance to the next week. So you will be in complete control of what the CPU-controlled teams need and what they will want. And it is like a string, once you pull on it, it will continue to unravel causing a team to implode on itself.

Use Other Trade Methods to Make it Even More Deadly

Using our other trading tips will give you a huge advantage in this category as well. Such as our 1-year pro trading method. Our 1-year pro trading method will land you really amazing QBs like Trevor Lawrence, Kyler Murray, Joe Burrow, and many other players besides just amazing QBs.

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