World of Tanks Trophies

World of Tanks Trophies:

The following table has every World of Tanks Trophies for Playstation. They are updated when Wargaming adds new Trophies.

Here is a link to World of Tanks Achievements for Xbox: World of Tanks Achievements – Xbox

Original Trophies

Trophies: 52

AchievementHow to GetTrophies
VictoriousCollect all trophies in the base gamePlatinum
Absolute AmericanResearch a tier X American tankGold
Absolute GermanResearch a tier X German tankGold
Absolute RussianResearch a tier X Russian tankGold
LegendaryResearch a tier VII tankSilver
WarDestroy 500 tanks. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Top GunDestroy more enemy vehicles than any player in your team during the battle (at least 6). Multiplayer OnlySilver
David and GoliathDestroy one tank at least two tiers higher than your own. Multiplayer OnlySilver
MuricaDestroy 4 enemy tanks in a single match while using an American tank. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Der Rhine TimeDestroy 4 enemy tanks in a single match while using a German tank. Multiplayer OnlySilver
For Mother RussiaDestroy 4 enemy tanks in a single match while using a Russian tank. Multiplayer OnlySilver
One Man ArmyEarn two times more experience than the second best player on your team. Multiplayer OnlySilver
I am Super ManBlock more damage than two times the hit points of your tank. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Tank AceEarn the Ace Tanker Mastery BadgeSilver
Steel WallBlock more damage than your team after surviving at least 11 hits for 1,000 potential hit points. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Don't Scratch the PaintFinish a match with 100% health with a potential health damage taken of 1,000 or more. Multiplayer OnlySilver
SniperHit at least 85% in ten or more shots fired and a potential damage 1,000 HP. Multiplayer OnlySilver
RangerDestroy all enemy light tanks in a match. Must be three or more. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Tanks with BenefitsFully train at least five crew perks or skills on one crew member.Silver
InvaderCapture the maximum number of points from an enemy base but not less than 80 three times. Multiplayer OnlySilver
DefenderReduce the amount of enemy capture points on a friendly base by 70 or more. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Right Where I Want YouImmobilize 100 enemies by destroying their treads. Multiplayer OnlySilver
MediumResearch a tier V tankBronze
Light CaptainPlay 100 matches as a light tank. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
Medium CaptainPlay 100 matches as a medium tank. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
Heavy CaptainPlay 100 matches as a heavy tank. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
TD CaptainPlay 100 matches as a tank destroyer. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
Artillery CaptainPlay 100 matches as artillery. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
Skilled CommanderTrain a commander to 100% on a skillBronze
Perks of the JobTrain a commander to 100% on a perkBronze
Top OperativeComplete 8 new operationsBronze
Up to the ChallengeWin in four Proving Grounds matchesBronze
For Her MajestyDestroy four enemy tanks in a single match while using an British tank. Multiplayer OnlySilver
The MuscleCause the most damage in a winning team destruction match and survive. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
Show me the MoneyEarn more than 100,000 silver in a single match (gross earnings before Ops) and surviveSilver
Distinguished ServiceEarn a crew promotion of rank ten or higherSilver
Veteran at the HelmDestroy three or more tanks in a single match with a crew of rank 8 or higher and survive. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Not In My House!Destroy two enemy tanks trying to capture an friendly base. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Blind FaithDestroy an unspotted tank. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
A God Among MenSurvive for one minute while detected as the last remaining member of your team. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Dressed to ImpressPlay in one of each camo locale with camo equipped. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
Call the BallRequest fire on a target and have it destroyed by an ally within 30 seconds. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
Preparing for WarEnter a battle with three types of equipment on a tank. Multiplayer OnlyBronze
MVPHave the highest XP of your team and survive. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Stand By MeSurvive and win a battle along with one or more platoon mates. Multiplayer OnlySilver
Friends and EnemiesWhile in a platoon destroy an enemy tank that is in a platoon. Multiplayer OnlySilver
World WarDestroy 1,000 tanks in multiplayerSilver
Vive la FranceDestroy four enemy tanks in a single multiplayer match while using a French tankSilver
Top ShelfResearch a tier X of each classBronze
Eyes PeeledEarn 15 or more spotting assist ribbons during a multiplayer matchSilver
The League of Extraordinary GentlemanPlay at least five matches in Ranked BattlesBronze
Ten by TenWin and survive ten battles in a tier XBronze