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We posed the same question, “Where are all the landmarks in Maneater?” Well, we have answered that question in this post. We also asked, “Why would we need to even bother getting all landmarks in Maneater?” Gathering all landmark locations in Maneater was definitely a challenge but it was worth it and fun. So what’s the point of getting every landmark? Well, the first reason is the achievements. Getting every achievement is self-rewarding and a fun challenge to bestow on yourself. The other reason – the most important reason – is evolution. Every landmark will give you the resources you need to evolve your shark. You will find it difficult to upgrade your shark without discovering the landmarks. Also, incorporating the landmarks in with the main/side missions is the fastest way to upgrade your shark!

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All Landmark Locations in Crawfish Bay:

Below, you will find all landmark locations in Crawfish Bay. Crawfish Bay is where you started out when you were playing as your mother. Crawfish Bay is the easiest location to completely finish because of its size. However, you will need to be a little further in the story mode to get back to Crawfish Bay. There are two ways you can get into Crawfish Bay:

  1. Become an Elder by advancing through the story mode. As an elder, you will be able to enter gate to get inside.
  2. Get to The Gulf and head to the land in the southern most point of Crawfish Bay. Crawl on that small peninsula to get into Crawfish Bay.

All Landmark Locations in Fawtick Bayou:

All Landmark Locations in Dead Horse Lake:

All Landmark Locations in Golden Shores:

All Landmark Locations in Sapphire Bay:

All Landmark Locations in Prosperity Sands:

All Landmark Locations in Caviar Key:

All Landmark Locations in The Gulf:

Gathering All landmark locations in The Gulf was vast but probably the most fun. This is also the most dangerous place as there are orcas, sperm whales, makos, and hammerheads. If you have not reached the campaign mode here then make sure to find the Grotto first so you can fast travel/spawn to The Gulf if you die.

If you are more of the visual type then check out our video below:

We hope this guide has helped you! If you have any questions just let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you. Meanwhile, check out our other Maneater guides and tips below:

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