Announcing Impossible Soaring – intense stunt flying game

December 17 - Solo indie developer Binary Jellyfish announces Impossible Soaring, an intense stunt flying game.  The game will launch early 2020 for PC on Steam.  In Impossible Soaring, players will fly through the sky at high speed while gracefully dodging perilously close obstacles.

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Players score points by gliding as close as they dare to obstacles and surfaces.  The closer you get, and the faster you move, the more points you'll score. Greater risk means greater reward! Gliding is physics-based, and energy must be maintained to stay airborne. Swoop and dive with grace and finesse to conserve energy, and fly close to objects and surfaces to restore it. The more energy you have, the faster you'll fly.

The game will launch with online leaderboards, so players will be able to compete for top scores on each level as they master the skill of flight.

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