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In this article, I am going to compare and contrast what Idle Siege used to be while also giving you the best possible Idle Siege strategy you can get to not only have fun but progress each level efficiently.

Idle Siege is a completely different game than most idles out there. It went from just an okay game to an addicting game real quick. Hats off to Gameloft SE for listening to their fan base and updating their game to make it more enjoyable.

Idle Siege Before

Sure, it has a high rating on the Google Play Store, but why? Are those people who are rating the game so high doing so right after they see the amazing graphics?

The first few levels I played were fun, no doubt. The commanders are great and pairing them with the right troops is the key to success… so you would think. But wait, it’s not that easy.

When you get to the later levels, it becomes long and drawn out. You send out your commanders and troops while only making a very small profit and progression. Progression is bleak.

Upgrading your troops, commanders, and camps is a slow and painful task. At this point, you need to realize that Idle Siege was built for longevity, but they have a long way to go to balance longevity while keeping your attention.

Look at Fallout Shelter, for example. That is a game that can keep your attention while you send out your Dwellers on missions that could last hours.

It’s a tough task, no doubt. The developers are on the right track and they have a great and addicting game; they just need to find out what is missing. What can they add that could keep your attention?

So, you upgrade what you can, pair the right troops with the right commander, send them out then leave the game. Come back to gold and little progress, then repeat.

Idle Siege Now

The money problem is still there. It does take a long time to earn cash and the more you progress, the harder it becomes and there is a very little adjustment in profit where there needs to be. Without our money tip below, you will not be able to upgrade all of your camps for any level.

However, since the last time I played they did add skills to Commanders that when paired with the right troops you increase that skill or the skill carries over to your troops.

For example, Mythos has the Fire Element skill, which will double your attack against enemies who hold the Ice Element skill. Pair the right troops with Mythos to share the perk.

Upon writing this article, there seems to be an issue with promoting your troops. I have the cards necessary to promote a couple of troops but I cannot—even though there is a promotion alert on the Commander’s card.

Compared to when I first played Idle Siege, it is much better now, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for future updates. Gameloft SE has done a great job with their game and has maintained it very well.

Idle Siege Money Problems

After completing the first level you will realize that your money does not roll over to the next level. I made the mistake of not passing the level just to gain enough money to make the next level easier. Boy was that a mistake.

I wasted so much time, so learn from my mistake and not yours.

Now, how in the world do you make money more quickly? Well, there are a few ways you can do so:

The Kingdom Treasury is a great option to get money in 30 seconds or less (ads). However, you need to make sure that the x2 Income Boost is activated since the treasury is worth 30 times your per minute income. This is incredibly useful to upgrade your camps quickly.

Spinning the Fortune Wheel is also a great way to earn you an increase in profits per minute. You could win other cool perks as well, such as scrolls and gems.

Once you finish contracts, you will earn profits. However, the profit of each contract is pretty small. The main incentives for me to complete contracts are scrolls and keys. The reward isn’t fulfilling enough.

Everything here is pretty standard across all idles and it is by no means going to give you the ability to upgrade everything. Heck, you can only upgrade so much. This is where a special strategy comes in.

Earn Millions

Idle games are only “idle” for a couple of hours or so when talking about profits. You need to pay your hard-earned cash to extend your idle time. So why go idle?

You sleep at night for eight hours or so, right? Great, so does most of the world. How about you let Idle Siege run while you sleep. Send out waves of troops to their looming demise while you (the government) pull in all that gold.

You will see that after 5 minutes of inactivity your screen will dim. This will not stop you from earning money. 2 hours later, you’re still getting paid, and so on. Just make sure you leave the game on and not running in the background. If it is running in the background it will turn the game into idle mode.

This is honestly the best strategy for most idle games when you want to increase those profits.

Idle Siege Strategy

Your Idle Siege strategy will change throughout the level. When you first start out, you will want to immediately dispense a commander and troops.

The Best Commanders and Troops Combination

As touched on in the Idle Siege Now topic above, your Commanders have skills. The skills are then carried over to your troops.

The best Commander depends on the enemy’s Element skill. If going against a Fire Element enemy, then use a Commander with the Wind Element. You will see certain Commanders have an Element insignia on their card.

For example, Amazon has a fire insignia whereas Robin Hood has a wind (tornado) insignia. The Wind Element is great when going against fire and fire is great when against ice. You can find out

So, why doesn’t your troops light up the same color as your Commander with the same element? This is because you are not pairing the strength (red fist) with Strength. Long-distance shooters have Agility whereas the grunts have Strength.

Another cool thing about Commanders with Element Skills is they can also pass on their skill to other Commanders. If you have a commander with no Element, they can gain an Element from another Commander.

For example, if a Commander who has no Element Skill has Strength and the Commander with the Element Skill also has Strength, then the skill will be passed on.

What Troops to Send Out

You will be able to use the same strategy for each level. I will divide each one into categories.

Enemy’s Barracks: Make sure you tap on the enemy’s Barracks to check their weaknesses. You will want to send out those troops and Commanders with the Element that will cripple them. The more the merrier.

You are going to want to tinker with this especially if you’re a poor boy and cannot afford to upgrade your troops. The enemy will be stronger so try different combinations, observe a few waves, then remove the weak links. Repeat until you can manage a little bit of damage.

Gates: When going against gates, you will see that it is protected against archers or cannons. If you send in nothing but grunts (Strength), they will die almost immediately while dealing very little damage. Another thing to note is the gate’s cannons and archers will go after your Commanders first.

That said, send in two Strength Commanders along with two Strength troops. Make sure to set them in the first row. Then, set your best long distance shooters and Commanders in the last row. This is the key to taking down Gates as fast as possible.

I will continue to add to this as I continue to play. It’s a fun game; I am glad I came back to it.

If you have any questions or troubles let me know in the comments below and I will try to help you to the best of my ability.

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