Best Cornerbacks to Trade for in Madden 22 Franchise Mode

November 18, 2021
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Best Cornerbacks to Trade for in Madden 22 Franchise Mode

November 18, 2021
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We are going to be showing you how to trade for the best cornerbacks in Madden 22 franchise mode. After this, you will have a better understanding of which cornerbacks you should trade for and why you should trade for these cornerbacks.

Mental health is also very important to us, it can be the darkness that resides in your shadows. Find this darkness and set forth a voyage to conquer it. Everyone has it to some degree, set to conquer it like you have conquered Madden.

Act as if it is some form of a rebuild, make sure that every position in your mind is balanced. Life is a game that we all can win at in the very end, and this may not mean much but T4G believes in you.

Be the most honorable and best you that you can be. Do what’s right even when no one is looking, that includes doing what is best for yourself.

And whatever you do never give up, fight for yourself as you would fight for someone that you hold dearest to you. Love yourself, be yourself, conquer yourself, and become yourself.

With this list, we wanted to capture the concept of rebuilding a team as a whole, not just rebuilding your cornerbacks. That is why we didn’t want this list to just be just the highest overall cornerbacks in the land of Madden.

Nor with this list will we take away too much of your team’s value, we wanted the integrity of your team’s structural walls to maintain their composer.

We didn’t want to wipe out your entire draft value or player value just to have the best cornerbacks which would cause the rest of your team to become brittle. We also did not want to trade for regressing players or players that hold too much of a contractual grip upon one’s throat.

If you are trying a more realistic rebuild only trade for around 3 players on this list for CBs, add more if you need to replace your safeties. If you are in a legendary build then we suggest you do not stop until you feel satisfied with your result.

To have a great rebuild one must be willing to accept that they will need to fine-tune every aspect of the team without letting emotion guide their decisions. Rebuilding a legendary team is like tuning a car engine.

It is about getting the most out of every section of the engine, having each piece do its part with precision and great accuracy. I do not need the brand name parts in order to leave one in the dust, I just need to know what they do not.

1. Marshon Lattimore (Saints)

Marshon Lattimore has already been signed to a 6-year deal by the saints with a $16.8 million dollar penalty. This means if you trade for him that the saints will pay off $16.8 million of his $91.1 million dollar contract.

This is not unreasonable for realistic terms, it would still leave a considerable amount left on his contract for you to pay off and not wipe out the Saint’s cap room in the process. The other aspect of why we like him is because he is only 25 with a Star dev and can play Man, Slot, or Zone which makes him a fit for all kinds of defenses.

How to Trade for Marshon Lattimore in Madden 22, The Saints want a QB so make sure you offer them a high-interest value at QB, these QBs can be in the upper 60 overall range to the mid 70 overall range.

They also need a LOLB so a high interest mid to low 70 overall LOLB should do the trick. Another option is to move one of your ends that can play OLB if you do not have a decent LOLB for this trade. To finish it off you will need to add a fairly good 2nd round pick.

We would not recommend giving up a 1st round pick for him regardless of the year unless you have an extended amount for next year and CB is a real problem for you. 1st round picks are like gold in Madden 22, they can be traded away during the draft for double the value.

Lattimore has a good Injury and Stamina rating which is something you need to have when trading for higher overall CBs. He also has solid traits like aggressive Play Ball Tendency, Strip Ball, and a High Motor. One downside would be his Undisciplined Penalty Tendency.

2. JC Jackson (Patriots)

JC Jackson is a flat-out beast no matter how you slice it. The beautiful part about him is that he tends to be on the free agency during the offseason free agency signing period. The key to rebuilding a great team in Madden 22 is having a good idea of when players may be available.

JC Jackson also has a good Injury and Stamina rating along with a good speed rating so he can play Man coverage against very talented WRs in the NFL. JC Jackson has the same traits as Lattimore so we do not need to cover them again.

3. Shaquill Griffen (Jaguars)

Shaquill Griffen has a lot of positive ratings. Such as a good Injury and Stamina rating, along with great speed. His Traits are decent, he has a High Moror and has a Disciplined Penalty Tendency.

How to trade for Shaquill Gridden in Madden 22.

S. Griffen is on the better CBs that can be traded for almost nothing in Madden 22. The Jags need a center and they are interested in older lower overall centers. You can also sweet-talk them with a red interest HB along with a 3rd round pick.

4. Kenny Moore II (Colts)

He has good Stamina and Injury, with decent at best traits. His speed is not my favorite, he would be a safety option more than putting him against some of the best corners out there with incredible speed.

5. Byron Murphy Jr (Cardinals)

Byron Murphy is young, with a Star dev, good size, and can play CB or in a safety position. His speed is lacking just slightly and that can hurt your team against a very speedy WR.

Byron can be a great safety option, he would absolutely be one of the best safeties in the NFL within 4 years.

How to trade for Byron Murphy Jr in Madden 22

6. Sean Murphy-Bunting (Bucs)

Sean Murphy-Bunting is a great option at CB, has good speed, great traits, and can be signed for decently cheap overtime depending on how much he grows of course. He also is fairly easy to trade for.

7. Trevon Diggs (Cowboys)

Diggs is a great option to trade for. He has decent traits, has good speed, and good injury and stamina. He can play in almost any system and is easy to trade for.

8. Greg Newsome II (Browns)

Newsome is a rookie but he packs a punch. We suggest that you trade for him next year when he is a 1-year pro. He will be cheaper than he is right now because he won’t be a rookie.

9. Patrick Surtain II (Broncos)

We suggest you do the same as we suggest with Greg Newsome II. Patrick Surtain II will be much cheaper next year to trade for and will be a beast in the future for you at CB.


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