Best HB Superstar & X-Factor Abilities Madden 23

November 10, 2022
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Best HB Superstar & X-Factor Abilities Madden 23

November 10, 2022
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This is going to be a breakdown of the best HB Superstar Abilities and the best HB X-Factor Abilities for Madden 23 Franchise Mode.

Trying to figure out what the best of the best Superstar and X-Factor abilities are can be tedious so we have you covered.

If you have any questions about what we cover in this article, please let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you.

Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

Best Superstar X-Factor Abilities for HB

It does not matter whether you are in user-play or simulation, this will apply to you. We are using Jonathan Taylor as an example because he usually has the most rushing yards 10-15 years down the road.

The best Superstar X-Factor Ability for HB is Freight Train, “Freight Trans are relentless runners who refuse to go down on first contact. When they enter the zone, this ability increases their chance to break the next tackle.”

It does not matter if you have a receiving back, elusive back, or power back, Freight Train is the X-Factor Ability we will recommend.

Best Superstar Abilities

The best Superstar Abilities are imperative to making sure you are getting the most out of your HB.

First Superstar Ability Slot

We would recommend Bruiser, “Ballcarriers with this ability have more powerful truck and stiff arm animations.”, if you do not have the Freight Train X-Factor Ability.

There are other options out there specifically for stiff arm or trucking, but why would you choose one over the other when you could have both?

If you do have the Freight Train X-Factor Ability, then we would recommend Recuperation, “Players with this ability will recover from the effects of fatigue at an increased rate between plays.”

We want the ability to keep giving the rock to our dominant HB more times than not.

Second Superstar Ability Slot

For the second Superstar Ability slot for HB, we would recommend Evasive, “Ballcarriers with this ability have steerable juke and spin animations.”

Now, if you do not have the Superstar X-Factor Ability then go with Bruiser and Evasive. This is a deadly combo.

When you get Freight Train, and have Recuperation and Evasive added on, your HB will be very well-rounded.

He won’t be a receiving back but he will be a powerhouse when he gets the ball. However, you can work on catching within your coach’s upgrades for your HBs. You can also upgrade his receiving as well.

We hope this best Superstar and X-Factor Abilities for RBs guide has helped you. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you.

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