Best Mobile Games to Play of All Time

August 3, 2021
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Best Mobile Games to Play of All Time

August 3, 2021
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This is our list of the best mobile games of all time. All of the best mobile games on this list are free to play. Also, all of these best mobile games undergo a strict ranking system, and these games are the best at stimulating the human psyche. We do not take this list lightly as we make sure to keep this list pristine to our standards as well as the mobile gaming community. All of the following games are completely free-to-play!

Moreover, this list is developing over time. If there is a game you think should be on here then leave your suggestion in the comments below and we will try it out!

#4 Splash Wars 9/10

Splash Wars by Fat Hill Games – strategy and puzzle games is another highly addicting game that never gets dull, unchallenging, or tedious. You fight other enemy cells to claim the territory as yours! When it seems like you have lost, think again as you can beat the odds, which is insanely gratifying. Change the speed of the game to give yourself a challenge or make certain levels easier if things get too tough. You can also play with and control two cells if you think you can handle that kind of pressure and wit. The visual effects of taking over an enemy cell or building up your cell’s strength will single-handedly have you coming back for more. Splash Wars will have us coming back as it will for you, too.

#3 Cell to Singularity 9/10

Cell to Singularity by Computer Lunch is a game that never gets old. Computer Lunch did a fine job at not making you wait for an eternity to progress in the game. You have a Primary Simulation where you can make entropy and ideas to unlock nodes and a Mesozoic Valley Simulation where you earn shells to unlock dinosaurs. You can switch back and forth to each simulation to keep busy and to unlock more nodes in your simulation! The evolution tree is accurately presented, so you will learn a little about evolution. You get to go from sea to land to air and to space. Currently, Computer Lunch is working on The Beyond update, which is going to be very exciting to finally explore space as we are destined to do. Cell to Singularity will surely have you skipping meals so make sure you set some reminders ;).

#2 Fallout Shelter 9.5/10

Fallout Shelter by Bethesda Softworks lets you build a state-of-the-art Vault in which you can accept new dwellers, upgrade/expand your Vault, explore the Wastelands, turn useless junk into useful items, and more! Fallout Shelter is a real-time-based strategy game with some exciting obstacles thrown at you, such as Radroaches, Dweller’s happiness, and much more. Fallout Shelter brings out every emotion in a player from anger to happiness to panic. This is a game we highly recommend that you play!

#1 Little Big Snake 9.5/10

Little Big Snake by LittleBIGsnake is an incredibly addicting strategy game that you may struggle with putting down. This is an amazing multiplayer game that you can play with your friend’s family, and by yourself, if you want to. You can play single player against nothing but bots or you can challenge yourself and play multiplayer with friends against other users and bots. The better you do both in single and multiplayer, the higher the rank you can achieve, which adds to the addiction factor. There is something oddly satisfying as well as extremely rewarding about killing another user in the game. When you kill a massive snake, munching down on all of that nectar is both rewarding and satisfying. Little Big Snake is a game that you will find yourself completely immersed and coming back time and time again.


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