Best Offensive Schemes and Playbooks Madden 21 Sim

July 30, 2021
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Best Offensive Schemes and Playbooks Madden 21 Sim

July 30, 2021
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We are going to cover the best offensive schemes in Madden 21 franchise mode and the best offensive playbooks in Madden 21 for sim. Madden seems to be changing their simulation more and more each year. Madden 19 used to be much easier winning in simulation than Madden 20 and Madden 21 is harder than Madden 20. The way you sim can also play a huge role in how many Super Bowls you win. We will go into that at a different time in a different post so make sure you have your notifications on.

However, we have found the best playbooks and schemes for Madden 21 that will put you in the most prime position for you to succeed. The schemes are not a deal-breaker but you do get bonus XP for players that fit your scheme. So you might as well get them right the first time and ride the wave.

What we found on offense was shocking to us because we thought it would be the same as last year’s KC playbook, however, that was not the case. KCs playbook can win you a championship there is no doubt about that but you will need a really good team to get it done. This year all of our testings lead us back to the same team each time. That playbook was Cleveland’s playbook. We got to playoffs almost every single year after the first few years of playing.

Cleveland’s offensive playbook goes off of the vertical power run, however, you can use the vertical zone run instead. Think speed when going after your players, deep threat WRs, elusive HBs, and a vertical threat at TE. If you also turn down the speed threshold you will be even more successful if you decide to watch the games being played instead of just simming them. It may actually help when simming as well but we have not done enough testing to determine if that is correct.

What is great about this playbook is your QB will still pass for over 4k yards a season and your HB will get over a thousand if your o-line and RB are good enough. We also had success with QBs who were not the most elite QBs in the league, and they were not even close to the elite. Although they were not elite we did make them elite eventually by using this playbook.

There are other playbooks you can use as well, Chicago’s playbook can get you a lot of passing yards and can be a useful playbook. It just wasn’t as successful as Cleveland’s playbook. The Bills playbook was another playbook that throws for a fair amount of yardage but it was still behind Clevelands in overall winning percentage.


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