Best Planes That Make Millions in Airline Manager 4

February 22, 2022
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Best Planes That Make Millions in Airline Manager 4

February 22, 2022
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We are going to be breaking down the best planes to buy in Airline Manager 4 (AM4). These planes excelled in our testing and made it to our final list.

We are going to be breaking them down into tiers, tier 1 through 4. The 1st tier is where beginners of the game will start and we will move you up from there.

We recommend going with an almost full fleet of each tier until you are ready to move up to the next tier. These tiers are designed to have you move up quickly and for you to be able to have full control of your game.

Let’s say you want to have a bunch of old-school planes in the future but need the cash to buy hangers, this tier list is perfect for you to make the money needed to buy hangers and then go back to your old-school planes.

Video Tutorial:

When to Buy Cargo Planes in Airline Manager 4 (AM4)

Cargo planes should be bought once you have a full fleet of A330-900neos. That will be once you reach tier 3 of our list. When you have a full fleet of those planes you will pull in around 700 to 780 million a day.

At that point, you will be able to buy a full fleet of the best cargo planes and afford the marketing price with ease. Marketing is the biggest issue for new gamers and each category has its own marketing costs.

Everyone has to pay for marketing for their pax planes and for their cargo planes. The cost of marketing is exactly the same for each of the two which can be a lot to afford until you are bringing in a lot of money.

Once you have the money it will be easy to afford the marketing and to buy the best plane out of the gate without having to buy and sell cargo planes as you move up.

What is the Best Cargo Plane in Airline Manager 4?

The best cargo plane is the B747-8F (“Cost $135,498,765”).

This is a plane that you will see most veteran players owning and that is because of the cost of fuel along with how much this plane can carry in cargo. It is unmatched by so many for the cost.

This plane has a capacity of “303,700” and is really not that much to buy with it only costing $135 million dollars. It has a nice range of 14k km which gives you the option to travel to many different profitable hubs from your different hubs across the world.

Tier 1:

  1. DC-9-10 (“Cost $659,657”)

The DC-9-10 is a great beginner plane that will turn you a decent profit. It is a faster plane than the BAe146 and houses 5 more passengers. This plane will turn you a decent profit and with it being so cheap and any beginner will be able to stock up on this plane.

2. BAe146 (“Cost $762,450”)

The BAe146 is a great plane that saves on fuel but still packs a fair amount of passengers in at the same time. It is a bit slower than the DC-9-10 but it is slower to save on fuel. This is perfect if you have very small fuel and CO2 tank capacities.

Tier 2

1. MC-2-400 (“Cost $5,204,503”)
The MC-2-400 is a very profitable plane for an extremely cheap, it is fast and holds “230 pax”. The downside of this plane is the fuel consumption which is “19.57 Ibs/km”. This plane can be tough for some with low fuel/CO2 capacities.

This is a great plane to have in order to move up to the next tier. However, expect the fuel to be somewhat costly in the early stages of your game’s development.

2. B737-800 (“Cost $4,407,858”)

The B737-800 is a great plane that is very low cost in many different ways. It is cheap, has low fuel cost, holds “184 pax” and only consumes “9.40 Ibs/km”. It is a great plane for those who do not have huge tank capacities and do not spend a lot on the game.

This is a great plane that once you have a full fleet will allow you to move up to the next tier quickly.

Tier 3

  1. A330-900neo (“Cost $109,315,468”)

This is by far one of our favorite planes as it pulls in a lot of profit (around 700 plus million a day) and it only costs $110 million fully configured. This plane will pull you in enough money to make you excel in the game.

The amount of pax it holds and the cheap fuel consumption make it a beast. When we reached this plane our game changed drastically, we went from noob to top 2000 players in the game.

Your acceleration rate will double and you will be able to afford hangers within days and be able to buy a full fleet of the best planes in the game. This plane is an absolute must if you want to grow quickly.

A lot of people try to go straight to the A380-800 and those people will get passed up by the ones who go this route instead. The cost of the A380-800 is almost double the cost of the 900neo.

If you bought two 900neos at almost the same cost as the A380 you would have 880 pax instead of just 600, pax meaning you would make more money quicker. We love this plane and so will you.

Tier 4

A380-800 (“Cost $215,629,503”)

This is obviously the best end-game plane that you can get for pax planes. This is the king of the kings when talking about pax planes. This plane dominates the other planes but is also a plane that you should not try to jump into right away.

If you jump into this plane too early in the game you will be doing a disservice to your airline. It holds “600 pax” which is a lot but for the price, you could shop smarter until you are ready to upgrade to this plane.

Once you are ready to buy this plane you will really enjoy what it has to offer.


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