Best Playbooks and Schemes for Simulation in Madden 22

August 27, 2021
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Best Playbooks and Schemes for Simulation in Madden 22

August 27, 2021
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We are going to be sharing our Madden 22 Playbooks/Schemes for simulation that will win you many Super Bowls. These Playbooks/Schemes need to have the right personnel in place to ensure the chance of you winning a lot of Super Bowls.

At the end of the day, winning the ring is out of your hands. It is up to your staff and the players you put in place.

Simulation is a fickle beast and even the way you sim can affect how many games you win. For example, we simulated game by game and found that we lost more than we won compared to simulating the full season in one swoop.

If you sim the game in “Fast” sim while in the game it can also affect the outcome over simulating in “Slow” sim to where you actually watch your players play.

Remember, even if we recommend a certain playbook it still will not guarantee a victory for you. We can only give you advice and if you don’t have the right players in place you may not win very much.

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It also tends to take around 3 years for most to start winning a lot of games in simulation so have patience with your team and keep fine-tuning your players and coaching staff.

One thing that we have to mention in this is that winning the Super Bowl is the end game. It’s not the stats of your QB or your running back. Yes, stats are great and make you feel good but I would rather win a Super Bowl over my QB breaking the passing yards in a season record.

I am sure that Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers would give back some of their records to add another Super Bowl to their names.

We will also be providing updates to this page if anything changes.

What are the Best Offensive Schemes for Simulation in Madden 22?

Schemes by themselves will not win you are Super Bowl, however, there will give you a guide on what type of players that you need in place to provide your Playbooks with the best opportunity to win a lot of games. There is only one scheme that we will use in simulation and that is the “Vertical Zone Run” scheme.

This scheme provides the best players for the job. A lot of players fit this scheme which also gives you plenty of options when you are signing players in the offseason, picking up players from the free agency, or when trading for players.

Best Schemes for Madden 22

Everything is based upon speed which is what is the hardest for defenses to stop. HBs are elusive, WRs are deep threats, TEs are vertical threats, and linemen are built for quick blocking to give your fast HBs big holes.

We will not recommend any other scheme and there is a ring with your name on it that proves that.

Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

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What are the Best Offensive Playbooks for Simulating in Madden 22?

There are three different playbooks that we found success with. There is one that we found the most success with but you can have success with all 3 if you have the right players.

3. The Cleveland Browns Offensive Playbook

The first playbook is one that won us to a lot of Super Bowls. That Madden 22 playbook is Cleveland’s playbook. This playbook is basically tied with the number two playbook that we will recommend to you.

This is not a weak playbook by any means, so just because we are not recommending it first does not mean that it won’t be the best playbook for you to use for your team.

Cleveland’s playbook will give you a lot of rushing yards and still provide you with solid passing numbers if you have the right players in place. If you do choose this playbook, you will want to have the best HBs that you can possibly have.

We also recommend having a very good backup RB as well when running this playbook. This playbook mainly focuses on the run so an injury to your starter should not halt your entire offense.

Cleveland Browns Playbook

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offensive Playbook

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a solid playbook that can win you a lot of games. It is a playbook that sets up the play-action pass which tends to do well in simulation. This is especially so when you have fast WRs that are hard to go man-on-man coverage with when you have a solid running back that will make the defense bite on the run.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playbook

If you have the right players in place you will see big passing plays each and every game. Fast WRs are what you will need in order for this playbook to be as deadly as it can truly be. It is also a great playbook for both improviser QBs and pocket passing QBs.

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1. Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Playbook.

Kansas City’s playbook is the one that we found a lot of success with this year. When we simulated the game in slow sim we dominated a lot of teams with having a lot of speedy receivers and won the Super Bowl in our first year with the Tennessee Titans.

We even dominated the Chiefs in their home field then won the Super Bowl 24-0. This was done in 6-minute quarters, which should tell you what could have been accomplished with even higher quarter lengths.

Kansas City Chiefs Playbook

This playbook is going to take a lot of shots downfield putting defenders on islands and it works perfectly with QBs with powerful arms. It also works extremely well with QBs that are improvisers or are pocket passers.

What is the Best Defensive Scheme for Simulation in Madden 22?

The best defensive scheme for simulation in Madden 22 is… Disguise 3-4.

Disguise 3-4

The Disguise 3-4 is the scheme we will go for every single time. That does not mean that you won’t have success with other schemes.

However, the Disguise 3-4 is great for putting in players that can stop the run, pass, and get a lot of sacks. This scheme is only a template of what kind of players are needed to get the job done for your playbooks.

Man coverage CBs, Power Rushing D-linemen (besides your run-stopping DT), Hybrid FS, and SSs, which means you can put CBs back there, and a MLB that can cover the pass, which gives you the ability to put in SSs at the MLB position if need be.

What is the Best Defensive Playbook for Simulation in Madden 22?

The best defensive playbook for simulation in Madden 22 is the Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens have won this title for multiple years now and that is for a reason. There are of course other defenses with the same style that can work well but if it isn’t broken why fix it?

This defensive playbook also gives you the option to run the 4-4 which is good for user play as well. This is our all-time favorite defensive playbook that when added with the right player personnel will give you a lot of sacks and interceptions.

We hope this Best Schemes and Playbooks for Madden 22 Franchise Mode guide has helped you in your franchise. If you have any questions or have anything to add then let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you.

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