Best Pokemon in LeafGreen and FireRed Will Dominate!

August 6, 2021
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Best Pokemon in LeafGreen and FireRed Will Dominate!

August 6, 2021
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This is by far the best Pokemon in FireRed and LeafGreen! This is also a Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed guide so keep on reading to not miss out on the tips!

If you are struggling to win a lot of battles with ease or you just want to simply dominate in the game, this post is for you! We are going to show you what pokemon to use and what attacks you should use to excel without using cheats.

First off, you have to think about the style of the game and how the developers planned for you to play. They planned on you “catching them all” and using up to 6 at a time. This leaves room for you to capitalize on this, such as using one pokemon in particular that can take on all pokemon and all gym leaders. Each gym leader’s pokemon is typically close to or at a higher level than your pokemon. They did this because they want the difficulty to be hard for you as there are no settings to manually increase or decrease the difficulty like games nowadays have available. Most pokemon won’t be able to take on all the gym leaders because most pokemon have certain weaknesses that are difficult to overcome in a timely fashion.

If you take what we know about the system and use it against itself you will come to realize that you can use a certain type of pokemon that can and will run the table against all others. If you use one pokemon in the beginning for most or even all of your battles, the pokemon you are using level will always be much higher than the gym leaders you are currently facing. Sometimes even double their level. This pokemon will also be able to hide its weaknesses during battle much greater than other pokemon can do.

Thankfully, the game puts in the perfect pokemon for the job and every single time we ran the test on this pokemon it passed with flying colors and even excelled our expectations. It almost made the game too easy as it was such a beast that no one stood a chance. In fact, we never even had to pull it out of the battle because it easily ran through every pokemon it faced without even having to heal it between battles. He is the most overpowered pokemon in the whole game and it will probably shock you who it is.

The Very Best Pokemon in the Game!

Without further due ladies and gents, the one, the only, Mr beast of the east, NIDOKING!!!!! He is the god of destruction and was basically sent from hell to claim the souls of other pokemon. The game puts him in the best situation to dominate and we will go over why and how. Nidoking you will have to get as a Nidoran in the grass right before you enter the cave after fighting Brock. It will be in the grass where you fight the last trainer before the cave who is a female and is wearing purple.

When you catch Nidoran you will want to level him up to a level 12 at least. To do this just fight the pokemon in the nearby grass which will be easier than you think. The goal is to get him to evolve at level 16 to a Nidorino. In the cave right where you are at is a Moon Stone that will evolve him into a Nidoking. We used the moonstone on him when he was close to level 20 which made him a Nidoking.

While you are going through the cave on all rock pokemon you will want to use Double Kick which is a Fight move. This is very effective against rock pokemon. Horn Attack will take out the others that are not big rock pokemon. By the time you get to the end of the cave, your Nidoking will be a beast if you only use him to fight each battle.

When you get out of the cave and enter into the next town it is all downhill from there. Misty won’t be very hard to beat when your Nidoking is a level 30 or above and this is the turning point at which you start to dominate every gym leader with ease. You really won’t need any other pokemon until you need them to have Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Cut, Fly, and any other TMs I missed. The great thing about Nidoking is that he is a Poison and Ground pokemon which means he can learn water, fire, and electric attacks.

He is the perfect pokemon to have. He cannot get poisoned, if he gets hit by other pokemon there is a good chance he will poison them. He can learn so many different attacks and he already comes with most of the attacks you will need to beat the Elite 4. Even when he got paralyzed he has

The 4 attacks that you will want to have is:

  • Peck. Peck is great up until you face the elite 4. It is great against grass pokemon or the fairly weak pokemon which tends to be a lot of them if you play as we suggested. Change this to a different attack that we suggest at the bottom, right before you face the elite 4.
  • Horn Attack. This will useful to other hefty pokemon like another Nidoking, Fire, Flying, and many other types as well.
  • Double Kick. This is great for Rock types or Fighting types. Eventually, when Nidoking is a high enough level you will be able to use this against most pokemon and come out on top without having to use it more than once.
  • Shock Wave. Which you get in Vermilion City after beating LT. Surge the gym leader there. This is great for any water pokemon you will face. This works wonders towards the end of the game because you end up fighting a lot of Water-type pokemon.
  • Earthquake. After you face and beat the last gym leader before you face the Elite 4, you will be rewarded with Earthquake. You should replace Peck with Earthquake when you receive it.

These Attacks will cover each of the areas that you need to cover in order to beat everyone in LeafGreen and FireRed.

Other Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed Tips:

When you finally face the Elite 4 you will want Nidoking close to or above level 80. Buy a lot of potions, and revives to feed the beast when they start taking shots on him. He will wipe out most fairly quickly but he could still use some potions and revives if worst comes to worst. Other pokemon that we used were Charizard to use Fly, Snorlax, Lapras to use Surf, and Dragonite. They were rarely used so it really does not matter who you use.

We used Virsus Seeker and had Kindoking hold Amulet Coin to re battle certain trainers in order to make a lot of money from the amulet coin and gain a lot of XP because of their strong pokemon. The best trainers to re-battle are on Island one right next to the hot spring cave where you get the Rock Smash TM. You can keep battling the trainers outside of the cave, the two people that fight you together, and the two Karate guys that run back and forth. After you fight them you can walk into the cave and heal your pokemon in the hot springs then go right back out and battle them by using the Versus Seeker. It is the perfect amount of steps to use it over and over again. This will greatly increase the pokemon level over time.


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