Best QB Traits to Have in Madden 22

August 27, 2021
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Best QB Traits to Have in Madden 22

August 27, 2021
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We are going to be sharing our Madden secrets of the best QB traits to have in Madden 22 that won us many Super Bowls. Most of these traits will matter much more when it comes to simulation. The reason for that is that when you are user-playing, the traits really do not matter. After all, you are in control.

We have gone through extensive testing and found so much success with our findings and we want the same for you. Hope you enjoy it! Make sure to check out our trading tips for Madden 22.

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Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

If we do not cover the trait it is because that trait does not matter for this position. We want to cover one trait before moving on is the Penalty trait. A good rule of thumb for all players is a “Normal” or “Disciplined”. For QBs, it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Also, make sure you are monitoring your QB. If you find that he is not performing at the level you believe he should be performing, then make changes where you see fit.

Penalty Trait

Throw the Ball Away Trait

This is one you need to get right and it really depends on the type of QB that you have.

When should it be on “Yes”?

If you have a pocket passing QB that does not have quick speed it should be on yes. Improvisor QBs are great but if you do not have the ability to turn him into an Improviser due to his speed not being there, you want him to not keep onto the ball longer than need be.

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Even if he does escape the pocket there will likely be defenders on this tail so throwing the ball away is much better than holding onto it and taking an unnecessary sack.

When should it be on “No”?

It should be on no if your QB is fast, has the potential to be a balanced QB, or if you plan on working him into an Improvisor. The reason for this is that they will escape the pocket and instead of throwing the ball away they will either run for the first or look for an open downfield option.

Forces Passes

“Aggressive” is hands down the best. In Madden 22 or most other Maddens getting sacked in simulation is the name of the game. QBs hold onto the ball as if it was cemented to their hands at the beginning of the game. That is why we recommend the “Aggressive” in Forcing passes.

At first, your QB may throw more picks than you would like but the more you upgrade his accuracy the better off that trait will be for you. Work on getting his throw accuracy better his aggressive passes will turn into fewer sacks and more TDs. There are so many times that a WR is open but the QB will hold onto the ball for no reason besides the fact that he is waiting for the more than obvious open WR.

Brett Farve was one of the best QBs

Sense of Pressure

“Ideal” Sense of Pressure is the best. Oblivious is the worst and everything in between the two and not really that amazing. If you do have one of the horrible Sense of Pressure traits and he is the best and only QB that you can have for the year working on his throw accuracy is the best alternative for you.

Throws Tight Spiral

This one honestly does not matter, even Peyton Manning talked about him throwing a bunch of wobbly passes. We have found no difference between having it or not having it. So do not hang your hat on this trait and do not let it affect your decision when choosing your next QB.

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Fights for Extra Yards

This is not something that would stop me from drafting or picking up a QB that I feel is a good QB. Consider this trait a bonus. If your QB does not have it do not let it change your mind on your QB.

Is the High Motor Trait Important for QBs in Madden 22?

This is a trait that is a bonus. It is not a trait that would affect my decision very much. As we mentioned before, if your QB just isn’t producing enough, you have great schemes/playbooks, and this is only the trait that you noticed that he is lacking, then that may change your mind on resigning him to a huge deal. It might be wise to trade him at that point.

However, this trait usually only affects improviser or scrambling-type QBs. Pocket-passing QBs are less affected by this trait.

Predictability Trait

This should be on “Yes” however if he doesn’t have this trait we would not recommend trading away a good QB.

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