Best Rookies to Trade for in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

July 24, 2021
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Best Rookies to Trade for in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

July 24, 2021
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In this Madden 21 trading tips article, we will cover the best rookies to trade for Madden 21. You will also learn how to trade for rookies in Madden 21. Rookies are close to impossible to get in Madden 21. However, we have made it possible to get the impossible. We are going to go over the best rookies to trade for in Madden 21 and we will show you how it is done. If you have any trouble with these trades then please let us know in the comments below and we will help you out.

All of the trades will be in more detail on our players to trade for list. You will see our Stack and Trade and Stack and Release methods used and we will briefly go over the trade. All of the players listed below could be on your team so you do not have to pick who you want. You can sign all of these players to great deals so you don’t break the bank and you can make them your franchise players – Madden 21 contract tips.

The YouTube video will be listed here as soon as it is uploaded.

Just note that not every team trades the same and some teams just don’t trade very well with certain teams so expect to make some trade adjustments.

  1. Chase Young – This is the highest-rated rookie in Madden 21. He also is the only Superstar X-Factor rookie in Madden 21. His performance at The Ohio State got him to be the highest-rated rookie in Madden 21 and is not possible to trade for straight up, but we have an alternative way you can get him. First, you will need to be in the regular season, otherwise, the following instructions will not work. Pick up three REs from the free agency. One of those REs needs to be a 67+ overall. The other two REs overalls do not matter. Trade those three REs to the Washington Football Team for a draft pick only. Look for Young on the free agency because the Football Team just released him. We have Young and other REs on our REs to trade for list.
  2. Joe Burrow – He is your next franchise QB. He is the highest-rated rookie QB in Madden 21 at a superstar development. You should have no issues getting Burrow to a very high overall. To trade for Burrow, you will have to use our two-wave or five-wave SAR method. First, you will need to be in the regular season. Make sure you have 4 QBs at the ready for a trade. Now, you will want to make sure you keep them at a 53 man roster. Trade them a QB for a second-string position, such as a HB or LT. It does not matter what position you go for besides QB. Then, trade them three QBs for a draft pick only. The Bengals have now dropped Joe Burrow, so head to the free agency to pick him up. You can find Burrow and other QBs on our QBs to trade for list.
  3. Henry Ruggs III – He is the top-rated rookie WR in Madden 21 and is impossible to trade for straight up, so you will have to use our methods to get him. At a superstar development as a rookie, he is a player you want in your franchise. You will need to grab Julian Edelman by using a low overall TE but ask for a pick back. Trade Edelman to the Raiders for Peterman because you will want to clear up some cap space from the Raiders. This has made Ruggs less valuable in the eye of the CPU. You can trade for Ruggs and Edelman back at the same time by using a low overall RE, HB, and a 2nd round pick. The Ruggs and Edelman trade is listed on our WRs to trade for list in greater detail.
  4. Isaiah Simmons – Simmons is the top dog when it comes to rookie SSs. He is a superstar development and a great asset to your defense. He will develop fast! First, you will want to pick up Harrison Smith by using a mid 70 overall DT, low overall ROLB, and a 3rd round pick. Then, trade Smith to the Cardinals for whatever you can get back. Now that you have done that, you can trade for Simmons easily using a center, HB, and a 3rd or 4th round pick. The exact Smith and Simmons trade is listed in our video below or here.
  5. Patrick Queen – Queen is the top rookie MLB at a star development. He will be a nasty addition to your linebacking crew and will develop quickly. What you will need to is trade for Bobby Wagner by using a low over RT, RE, and a 1st round pick. Then, trade Wagner to the Ravens. Wagner is not as hard to trade for as you may think and he works perfectly for this situation. Now, you can trade for Queen by just using a low overall LG and HB. The full trade for Wagner and Queen is on our MLBs to trade for list.
  6. Jeff Okudah – He is a very well-known and talented CB from The Ohio State. He is a superstar development who will develop very quickly. He will grow into a great veteran CB! First, you will need to pick up Richard Sherman by using a higher overall WR (Edelman works perfectly), high 70 overall HB, and a 1st round pick. Then, trade Sherman to the Lions for whatever you can get back. Now, you can trade for Okudah very easily. Simply use a low overall RT, low overall HB, and a low overall MLB. The full Okudah and Sherman trade is listed in our CBs to trade for list.

If you get Burrow and Young, their contracts have been reset so you can get them cheaper and longer with our contract tips. We hope this has helped you in becoming a beast in your franchise! If you have any questions then leave us a comment below!


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