Best Sleeper QBs to Trade for in Madden 21

July 30, 2021
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In this article, we are going to cover the best sleeper QBs to trade for in Madden 21 Franchise Mode. If you have any questions or have some sleepers you know then leave them in the comments below!

Daniel Jones: Jones makes this list because he is easy to trade for and is still a low overall with a lot of potential. He has an 84 Spd, 87 and an 83 Agi topped off with a 77 COD. Which means he won’t feel like he is stuck in the mud when running with him. His throwing ratings are decent at an 87 THP, and really good SAC so utilize Tight Ends if you are using Jones. His Traits are not terrible either so his upgrades will matter more than most low overall players.

How to Trade for Daniel Jones in Madden 21: All you have to use is a Green interest 70+ overall MLB and a Red interest 60+ overall HB.

Jordan Love: Love makes this list because he is easy to trade for and has a very good throwing arsenal at his disposal. He is not going to burn anyone around the corner with his speed but he could sneak a first down in the right situation. 90 THP, 84 short accuracy, and an 80 med topped off with an 81 deep. He is accurate for a rookie there is no denying that. He could make all the passes you need him to make and truly grow him into a franchise QB with the help of weekly training.

How to Trade for Jordon Love in Madden 21:

It is very easy to trade for Love, all you need is a green interest player from their team needs. Like TE.

Jalen Hurts: Hurts is on this list because he had somewhat impressive ratings for a 68 overall. His awareness is at a 65 which is actually a good thing when looking at a sleeper QB. He is fast across the board 86 Spd, 89 ACC, and an 88 AGI. With the speed threshold set to zero you will see his speed flourish. His THP is an 84 which is not great but when we are talking sleepers it isn’t the worst.

How to Trade for Jalen Hurts in Madden 21: All you have to use is a Yellow interest 70+ overall HB, a Red interest 60+ overall WR, and a 6th round 2022 pick.



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