Best TE Superstar X-Factor Abilities In Madden 22

February 25, 2022
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Best TE Superstar X-Factor Abilities In Madden 22

February 25, 2022
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We are going to be breaking down the best Superstar X-Factor Abilities for TEs in Madden 22. After this video, you will become a champion of the people.

They will chant your name from the rooftops and you will claim your glory of being the greatest leader of tight ends that the world has ever gazed eyes upon.

If we do not go over an ability then do not worry about it. It is an ability that we believe is weak and worthless to society’s future growth as a whole.

Superstar X-Factor Ability

There is no one-size-fits-all Superstar X-Factor ability for every tight end. Tight ends are a majestic breed that deserves to be cherished for the differences rather than their similarities.

There are some abilities that you should never do because they will only destroy the majestic nature of the tight end. Making him a weak no named sloppy little beef magnet with high-hanging fruit.

Any of the blocking abilities are the best way to get shunned by the Madden Gods. If you are lucky enough to have a Superstar X-Factor TE and slap a wasteful blocking ability on him you are a communist.

Superstar X-Factor TEs are rare and just trying to make him a better blocker is a waste. He might as well be traded away for gold and replaced with someone else who won’t cost you millions upon millions just to block.

Paying top TE money for a blocker is silly business compared to paying top TE money for a TE who can catch the ball in double coverage. Don’t pay more for less, pay more for more.

If you have a Vertical TE with 85 plus speed or have a Vertical/Possession Hybrid then the best one to choose is the…

“Double Me” ability”

“Aggressive receivers overpower defenders and attack the football. When they enter the zone, this ability increases their success rate on aggressive catches against single coverage”.

After that, we love the…

“Yac ‘Em Up”

This is another good one for TEs if the TE is really fast and you do not want “Double Me”. “The best physical receivers don’t just come down with the ball; they carry it home. when they enter the zone; they are nearly guaranteed to break their first post-catch tackle”.

The 3rd best is the…

“Rac ‘Em Up”

“Rac receiver fight for every possible yard after making a catch. When they enter the zone, this ability increases their success rate on RAC catches against single coverage”.

Superstar Ability Slot 1

If you have a very talented TE across the board, except for one thing, his stamina; then you need to focus on making his weaknesses into a strength as best as you can. To do this you will want to look to add…


“Players with this ability will recover from the effects of fatigue at an increased rate between plays”. A great TE is only great when he is out on the field. And he can’t just be out there sucking up all the air out on the field that is needed for the real men.

I want our prized piece of grade A beef out there crushing it play after play even if he already has a high overall.

The two other honorable mentions are “Mid Out Elite”, “Short Out Elite”, and “Short In Elite” if you have your TE going on out routes 10-20 yards down the field or in routes less than 10 yards. However, most guys do not run the same routes with their TE all the time so either of these abilities may not be the best option.

The “Recuperation” is a guaranteed ability. That is why we like it so much and who doesn’t want an energizer bunny at TE?

Superstar Ability Slot 2

From all of our testing, there is a single one that we keep coming back to, one that just dominates like a bowl of hot soup on a winter night. Ladies and gentlemen, without further a due we present to you…

“Route Technician”

“Receivers with this ability have a high success rate when creating separation on the last cut of any route”.

This is a consistent ability and isn’t dependent on certain circumstances in order to work. Creating separation the last cut of any route is what made WRs like Marvin Harrison so great and got them into the NFL.


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