Best Throwing Styles/Animations in Madden 22

August 17, 2021
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Best Throwing Styles/Animations in Madden 22

August 17, 2021
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There are 3 Throwing animations in Madden 22 and almost every other Madden that are the ones to go with. The big thing that we want out of a throw style is less footwork and more speed from the arm. The throwing style will not change the throw power of your QB, it will only change the speed at which the ball leaves your QBs hand. So if your Qb is dancing back there it would be wise to change his throw style before sacks become an issue.

3. Slinger 2

Sliger 2 is basically tied with the number 2 spot so either one of these two will not steer you wrong. This animation is one that if your QB has it, it’s not like you are doomed by any means.

Slinger 2 Madden 22 Throwing style/Animation

2. Traditional 5

Like we mentioned previously this throwing style is tied with number 3 and it is one most would not expect. The release isn’t super deadly but, your QBs feet are not superly animated so sacks tend to be less with this animation compared to others.

Traditional 5 Throwing Style/Animation in Madden 22

1. Slinger 1

Slinger 1 is the best Throwing Style/Animation in Madden 22 and any other Madden that has it. This animation has the quickest release and is the top one that we recommend and that is regardless of the type of league you are playing in. This is an animation that you should be switching all your QBs to before they step out on the field.

Slinger 1 Throwing Style/Animation in Madden 22

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