Best Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for Idle Supermarket Tycoon Simulation | Guide

June 28, 2019
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Best Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for Idle Supermarket Tycoon Simulation | Guide

June 28, 2019
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We specialize in figuring out how gaming systems work. Supermarket Story was a fun one for me to figure out because of how they went about getting paid for their overall body of work.

A game will do microtransactions, play 30-second ads, or anything else you can think of to sweat you for a nickel. However, Supermarket Tycoon chose a new path of how to get paid for their “Free” game that is actually exciting and very smart.

Every time you watch an ad you are gifted a prize and they will not force you to watch an ad. Which sounds amazing and is very creative. I mean, who doesn’t want to be in control of the ads without having to pay?

However, there is a catch. If you do not watch ads then it will take you 800 years to excel in the game compared to someone who is watching ads. I would assume the makers of this game more than likely make tons of money because people are willingly watching tons of ads trying to make their supermarkets successful.

You will want to take advantage of this system without crushing your real-life time, which is valuable. We are going to show you how to do that.

Skipping resets the clock for the perks, so shop the perks. If you don’t like it then just skip it and a new one will come usually within a minute depending on the perk.

Let’s start with the Yellow VIP Car:

A Yellow VIP car comes every minute so do not feel bad if you skip it. The Yellow car will be your biggest earner out of all the ad rewards they give you. It will give you Gems or Cash. Gems are good for Epic Upgrades, which can help increase earnings, speed and basic overall growth for your supermarket. The cash from the VIP ad is important and not something you should always go after. The reason is if the cash is low and isn’t really going to change much then skipping it may be more beneficial.

Grocery Vans:

Every time you tap on a grocery van you get paid and it leaves to go do more deliveries. If you want to increase the most amount of money from the vans you will want to click on the first one that comes every 25 seconds. It takes the second van 35 seconds and the time keeps getting longer for the other two vans to pull up after the first two. If you just click on the first van every 25 seconds you will make more money and get more vans than you would if you waited for them to all pull up. Also, the amount of how much you get paid is randomized out of all the vans.

Express Checkout:

This should only be utilized when you first get one of big stores like clothing or perfume store that takes forever for them to check out customers. I Wouldn’t rely on this on as much as sticking with the yellow VIP car to get the money to upgrade the speed myself.

Express Lane Cashiers:

This can help greatly when you are fully upgraded on all of  your cashiers and you are still having big lines. It is not something you should waste your time with in the beginning because upgrading cashiers would be more beneficial than wasting time watching an ad.

Manager off or on?

I never turned it on and spent the money, never needed to. Just work the system.

Keeping Your Eyes on the Graph is the Most Important Thing:

From the graph you can see what area of your supermarket makes you the most amount of money and which one makes you less. You can click on the info icon after you select a department and see what bonuses you can get. For example, if you get the bakery to level 1000 you will get x250 off cash. Which is a good boost, however, if you get Bakery to level 1250 your cash gets a bonus of x1000. So you want to keep an eye out for what level does what for which department and what is the best to go after next.

If you are always watching ads just to get any reward you will fall directly into their trap, the trap is them earning tons of real-life money and you watching ads like crazy. A yellow VIP car comes approximately every minute after you watch an ad. So you will basically be watching a 30 second ad every 30 minutes.


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