Best QB Traits to Have in Madden 21 Per Position (Sim/User Play)

Best Traits to Have in Madden 21 Per Position
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We are going to be breaking down the best traits to have in Madden 21 per position for Sim and User Play. After this, you will have a complete understanding of what to look for in traits in either a simulation or user play league for every single position. We will be updating this list as fast as we possibly can, just understand that we are a small team of pro gamers so it may take us longer than expected. If you cannot find a certain position on this list check back each day or comment down below what position you need help with and we will do what we can to help you. If we do not cover a certain trait it is because it does not matter for the position in question.

Best Traits to Have for QBs in Madden 21:
If you are not going to be simulating traits really do not matter, only ratings matter. Simulation is the only style in which traits actually matter for QBs because in simulation you have no control, the QB himself has all the control. When you user play everything is based on your performance and the QBs ratings.

Another thing we would like to go over when it comes to QBs is passing yards vs Super Bowl wins. A lot of Madden players worry more about stats than actually winning Super Bowls. We hear a lot about QBs who throw for 4000 yards or more and that is really not something you should be worried about. Madden players should worry more about production in the sense of winning games and winning playoff games instead of yards.

If your QB gets 4k yards a year and never wins you a Super Bowl then what is the point? We are sure that Dree Brees and Aaron Rodgers would gladly give back some of their passing yards for another Super Bowl win. Tom Brady is not the GOAT because of his stats, he is the GOAT because of his Super Bowl wins.

Personality: This does not matter in either sim or user play. Do not let the personality influence your decision in which QB you decide to go with. It would be nice If Madden actually made this more of an impact in either contracts or situations that happen off the field.

QB Style:  Scambling style is our favorite but if you have a different style then that is fine. Speed is the best to have when looking at a QB because it is much easier to get his throwing better rather than his speed. Speed is gold in the Madden realm. The player will change how he plays the more you upgrade certain Archetypes. The player can be a scrambler and you can make him into a balanced style QB even when it says scrambler. In Madden, you can even take a Scrambler and turn him into a pocket-style QB to where he won’t scramble at all. However, this is something you will want to avoid. Making the player balanced is the best for simulation.

Throw the Ball Away Trait: When you see this trait most gamers would think that you would want this on, however, you will actually want your QB to not have this trait. It may sound shocking to you to hear us say this but if the QB does have this trait he may throw the ball away in critical situations causing you to lose the game. Pat Mahomes does not have this trait and other amazing QBs we have had that won us a lot of Super Bowls also did not have this trait. QBs without this trait tend to try and find an open guy and will make more plays. There is one exception to this, and that is if your QB is a pure pocket passer.

Pure pocket passers usually have no speed to evade the defense with their legs and are subject to sacks so you will want to have this on. Pure pocket passers tend to not win as many Super Bowls in simulation as QBs with the ability to improvise with their legs while keeping an eye out for open receivers.

Sense of Pressure: Ideal sense of pressure is the best in simulation. Anything besides this will make it harder for you to win games in simulation even if you have a high overall QB. He will take sacks or potentially freak out in the pocket allowing mistakes to happen. This is a trait we would not budge on especially if the QB is coming up on a contract and you will owe him a lot of money. No need to pay a QB hundreds of millions of dollars if the QB can’t perform at a high level.

Forces Passes: It may not be what you are expecting to hear from us but we found QBs with the Aggressive in forcing passes to be very talented in simulation leagues. Ideal in forcing passes would be the only other Forcing Passes trait that you should look for.

High Motor: If the QB has a High Motore trait that is a bonus, however, it is not a necessity to have. Many Super Bowls can be won by QBs with no High Motor trait.

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