Best Water Tanks to Use/Buy in Farming Simulator 17

July 20, 2021
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You might be here because you just like myself bought a slurry tank and tried to fill it with water and realized that something was a miss. It may look like a water tank but it is not and no matter how many times you circle the water source from different angles there is no hope. Farming Simulator seems to like to make things harder than they need to be, it would have been nice to see water tanks by themselves instead of mixed in with the “Animals” tab.

Farming Simulator 17 Animals Tab for Water Tank

So look for the “Animals Tab in the shop. Once there you will find a Joskin Aquartrans 7300 S water tank at the beginning of the list. It only carries 7300 I. There is a modded version that is much bigger which is the Joskin Q-BIG Liner 32000TRS. It carries 32000 I just like the name says. Free water is provided by using a pond, all you have to do is dip the back end in and click the fill button. There are tons of ponds on many different maps. You will see the prices of these tanks in the picture as well.

Water tank 7300 I Water Tank

Large modded Water Tank down below.

Large Modded Water Tank in Farming Simulator 17



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