Best Way to Upgrade Guns in Call of Duty Cold War

June 25, 2021
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Best Way to Upgrade Guns in Call of Duty Cold War

June 25, 2021
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This Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War guide for how to upgrade weapons/guns in the fastest and most efficient way possible will surely set you up for success in the long run. You won’t be tired of starting with a new weapon with no upgrades anymore after reading this! There is a way you can upgrade your weapons to 100% without playing a single multiplayer match.

Going into multiplayer with a weapon you just want to try out because you have been getting wrecked by it is natural. However, that weapon is stock for you and not for them. This can really put you at a disadvantage and all of a sudden you’re possibly the worst player on your team. Are you going to tough it out match after match until you finally get that sight you set your eyes on? Or maybe you’re going to completely give up because you don’t want to start from scratch. Below is the most sure-fire method to upgrade your weapons the fastest.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons the Fastest Way:

The fastest and most efficient way of upgrading your weapons without having to play a single multiplayer match is a game mode most people enjoy… Zombies. If you play Black Ops Cold War Zombies with a weapon you would like to upgrade then choose it and head into Zombies and have some fun.

Weapon upgrades from playing Zombies do carry over to multiplayer and vice versa! A few levels later and you have your dream weapon! Well, you can only hope. It’ll finally be time for you to get payback on that douche who always had the upper hand. Most likely that person was a cheat… Or so we tell ourselves.

Gather your friends and head into Black Ops Cold War Zombies (Zays is what we like to call it) and upgrade those weapons so you can get an upper hand in your multiplayer matches.

Why is Upgrading Your Weapons in Zombies over Multiplayer Better?

If you care about your K/D, it’s honestly not wise to just choose a stock weapon that you want to try out and jump into a match. First of all, you are not used to that particular weapon. Secondly, the weapon is stock so you’re setting yourself up for failure. If you’re patient and don’t really care about your K/D as much then go for it. However, it’s more likely you’ll just find yourself giving up on that weapon entirely.

It’s great practice if you play Zombies with the stock weapon(s) of your choice. The reason being is you’re constantly firing down range and running for your life. You’re getting the feel of the weapon along with your movements with the weapon in hand. For example, if you go from the AK-47 to the MP5, your movements with the MP5 will be faster. Also, you’re learning how to control the muzzle rise and finding the right upgrades for you. This is the best practice and you are only setting yourself up for success… Remember that. There are some other key important things to understand:

  • The reloading factor. How long does it take to reload the weapon? What magazine upgrade best suits you?
  • Upgrades to increase the damage is important. Will the damage upgrades hurt your control of the weapon?
  • Play Zombies in increments. Play for 20 minutes at a time. You won’t need much play time to upgrade and get a feel for that weapon.

A good rule of thumb is you never want to use a weapon in multiplayer that you have not tested. Once you have tested it out in Zombies, you will get the total feel of the weapon. This will ensure that you will not get demotivated or impatient and back out of using that weapon. You want to master your skills with a certain weapon? Well, this kind of practice makes perfect.

We hope this guide has helped you become a better Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer gamer. Make sure to check out our Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War tips:


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