Biggest Madden 23 Draft SECRET | Franchise Mode

November 18, 2022
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Biggest Madden 23 Draft SECRET | Franchise Mode

November 18, 2022
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This Madden 23 draft tips video is a secret weapon. You can save millions of dollars in contracts for rookies while getting almost nothing but hidden development players from star to X-Factor.

The Draft in Madden is crucial to get right if you want to excel in franchise mode. The Draft alone can turn your team into a dynasty if you know what you are looking for and understand what you are going to spend for the type of talent that you are going to be drafting.

Video Tutorial

Perfect Your Drafting Skills:

The first goal that you need to accomplish is to be great and not just good at drafting. Thankfully we show you the best way to scout and draft Superstar X-Factor players in Madden 23.

Here is how to draft Superstar X-Factor QBs in Madden 23:

Here is how to draft and scout Superstar X-factor WRs in Madden 23:

And lastly here is our complete guide on how to draft and scout Superstar X-Factor players in Madden 23:

This video will contain all positions besides WR and QB.

Draft Amazing Talent in the Later Rounds for Cheaper:

The biggest goal of the draft is to draft players that are first-round picks outside of the first round. When you get good enough at drafting this is not going to be a hard thing to do.

To test your skills create a league and simulate the draft and scout and draft players just to perfect your talent with what we have shown you in our previous videos.

Football has never changed with it being a game of inches. Every time you draft players who have first-round talent in the later rounds you are saving millions of millions of dollars that you can spend on even more players.

The difference in price between the first player selected compared to the first player selected in the 2nd round is massive. The first overall player drafted in the first round will run you $36.6 million while the first overall player drafted in the second round will cost you $8.28 million. That is more than 4 times the amount so you will need to make sure his talent is worth that cost.

The more amazing guys that you can draft in the later rounds the better the talent you will have for cheaper and eventually, you will create a monopoly. When one of these good rookies becomes a veteran and comes up on a contract you can trade him away for another good draft pick and do the same process.

This will create cheap high-end talent coming in year to year and basically turn your team into the NFL version of The Ohio State, Alabama, and or Georgia.

Second-Round Picks are the Most Valuable Picks in Madden 23:

This may come as a bit of a shock to you but 2nd round picks are hands down the most valuable picks if they are in the right hands. 2nd Round picks are easy to trade for and there is still a bunch of talent that was missed sitting in the 2nd round.

The 2nd round alone can produce the best team in the NFL and all while at the same time doing it cheaply. Every position you can find elite guys in the 2nd round except for QBs. QBs are a little tougher to land the best guys in the 2nd round because they tend to go early.

Trading for 2nd round picks is super simple and you can even upgrade your Player Personnel’s “Draft Day Everyday” package and when fully upgraded can add a “4% trade discount for CPU draft picks”.

When your Player Personnel’s “Trades” tree is fully upgraded you will get “Smooth Talker” and that package will “Reduce the cost of trading up during the draft”.

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