Biggest Secret For Unlimited Draft Picks Madden 23 Franchise

January 6, 2023
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Biggest Secret For Unlimited Draft Picks Madden 23 Franchise

January 6, 2023
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We are going to be giving you the best tips possible for you to be able to own the Draft in your franchise mode in Madden 23. We will be adding tips for those of you who play with other users, by yourself, and if you want to play a realistic-style league.

The Main Concept:

The central concept of this method is to get ahead in one or two years. Within one or two years you will be able to have more draft currency or trade currency due to what you accomplished within those two years.

The beautiful thing about this method is that once you get it, it is almost impossible to lose. It is like investing in a cryptocurrency that is guaranteed to give you a return on your investment.

If you suck at drafting then watch our videos on how to draft and scout Superstar X-Factor players series at the bottom of the article.

Video Tutorial

Build Your Draft Stock in Your First Year:

Your first draft in your league does not need to be your best. Instead, focus on building your draft currency.

To do this you will need to trade for an extra 2nd if not two, an extra 3rd-rounder, and don’t trade them away until you get to the draft. Once you are in the draft it will finally be time to trade those extra picks away but for a premium.

Teams overpay in the draft and so will users because there will be a guy on their board that they really want and emotion will likely take over. A single 2nd round draft pick can land you three draft picks in return.

However, you will not just want to get three random draft picks. Instead, you will want to bargain for as many current-year draft picks as you can because you will do the same process with those as well.

Even if you only did get two current-year draft picks and one of next year that is fine. On the next go around you will want to trade those draft picks for next year’s draft. Don’t get too greedy after your first wave because you will be left with too many draft picks.

After a Few Years of This:

After one or two year’s you will have more draft currency than you will know what to do with. However, don’t get too carried away with this process because each draft pick will carry a “rookie reserve”.

A rookie reserve will go against your cap room and even though you may have a solid amount of cap room it will not allow you to spend all of your cap space in the free agency signing period. This system is built in place to protect your team from going broke.

If there is a player you really want in the free agency signing period in the offseason and you are short on funds due to your rookie reserve just simply trade away the number of draft picks needed for next year’s picks.

Eventually, in time you will create a snowball effect and essentially own the NFL draft. You will profit off of being the middleman and basically give out draft picks with an APR.

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