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April 29, 2021
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How to Make Your Stupid Character Smart and Get Good Grades:

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Even if you start out with a character who eats tree bark, you can still turn them into the next Einstein. It is very simple, read however many books needed until you are smart. After you read a book your intelligence will increase. Usually, the longer the pages the more intelligence you get. Make sure you also “Study Harder” as well so you get good grades. Going to the library is another way to access books.

How to Get Into Law School in BitLife:

If you want to get into medical school you will want to get good grades and increase your intelligence. We showed how to do this in the above tip. If you play sports in high school as well and are good at the sport you could get your college paid for as well, or you could ask your parents to pay for it. When you get into college you will want to choose “political science” or “English” as your major. After you complete that, you will want to enroll in “Law school”. Repeat the process of getting good grades and you will finish at the top of your class in no time.

How to Get Into Medical School in BitLife:

Getting into medical school is just as easy as getting into any other school. Get good grades and increase your intelligence when you are long just like we showed you in our first tip. After that, when you go to choose your major right out of high school, choose “science”, “biology”, or “nursing”. Afterwards, you will be able to choose a variety of different career paths. A Brain surgeon is one of them.

How to Win the Lottery in BitLife:

Winning the lottery is all about chance, the more you play the more you increase your chances. Winning the lottery is an absolute joy when do strike it lucky. The only advice we can give you is the keep trying and hopefully, you get lucky.

How to Make a Lot of Money and Be Successful in BitLife:

If you want the be extremely rich and successful in BitLife you will want to become a professional athlete. Becoming a professional athlete is cake to do once you know what you are doing. It can do it with almost every randomly generated person that you start the game with. All you have to do is to game plan early on in your character’s life.

Athleticism is the key to riches. To get athletic is the hard part but still not impossible. The goal is just to get your character athletic enough to make it onto a baseball, football, or basketball team. Once you make it onto a team it will be all downhill after that. Start out with taking “Speed Walks” for “2 Hours” until you are old enough to go to the gym. You can also take Martial Arts classes but you have to watch an ad to upgrade each time if you did not buy the upgrade package.

We made almost a billion dollars when our character became a QB for a football team. It was also easy to upgrade him in his career. If you make it onto a basketball team and do well enough throughout high school you can get drafted right out of high school. That will not mean that you will make more money in the long run though.

Lastly, do not waste a bunch of money on vehicles, boats, or planes. They only decrease in value and it really does not do much for your character or for you. It increases their happiness by a slim margin.

How to Raise Your Happiness Quickly in BitLife:

Tend to your garden, meditate, if you have a boat take it out for a spin. Happiness levels are so easy to increase. If you try to get rid of a ghost from a house and it doesn’t work, or you get divorced, or something of that nature your happiness will decrease. However, just follow our previous tips and your happiness will go back up.

Invest Into Real-estate:

The way you make more money in the future is to buy a lot of homes, let them grow in value then sell them later on when you are retired. If you are married, your spouse will not be happy with you buying and selling a lot of property which is really frustrating because you can almost double to triple the amount of money you earned throughout your career by buying and selling homes in BitLife.

Buying them in cash is always better but if you do not have the money it is better to just take out loans and sell them in a few years. Lower-end properties do not increase in value as much as the more expensive properties do. A property around 1 million can triple in value in 10 years. If you become a famous athlete you will have the money needed to buy a lot of properties and being extremely happy with what you can buy.

Give your Money and Property to Your Next Character Before They Die:

If you wait to move onto the next character after you already died, the government will take half of your property and earnings. To avoid this, all you have to do is to click “Play as” to one of your kids and it will automatically turn over everything you own to them. Just be careful that you do not do it when they are too young or they won’t be able to sell any of the property that you gave them and they will go in debt for a bit keeping up with the properties.


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