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Bridge Constructor Portal Game Review

Bridge Constructor Portal Review:

Game Details:

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Release Date: Out on Steam December 20, 2017

Creators: PublisherHeadup GamesDeveloperClockStone Software

Review Platform: PC

About the Game:

Bridge Constructor Portal is a strategy game designed around bridges and portals. It is a present and futuristic game that has the basic bridge building aspects with the futuristic aspect of portals. You will need to build a bridge sturdy enough for workers to get across while also trying to spend as little money as possible doing so. This is NOT an easy strategy game by any means and you will need to think in and outside the box.


We gave it a decent grade on graphics due to the creativity. It is not the most eye-popping graphics in the world of computer games, however, the creativity of having 2D characters in a 3D world is bold and they pulled it off amazingly. Although we do not have much to say about the graphics because this game is not built for the graphics aspect, we found them to be clean and not over the top nor cheaply put together.


The music is quite catchy. We gave a good score on this due to how hard it is for repetitive games, such as this, to have decent music you would care to hear over and over. Is it the best music we have heard in a game? Absolutely not, but it could be a lot worse. The makers seemed to have put in the time for this topic.


Bridge Constructor Portal does a fantastic job with the difficulty. You can go back to a level once completed and try to master it by making it cheaper along with trying your best to solve the current level you are stuck on. We found the difficulty to be special in this game. This is because you can add your own bridge building style to each level, which is not easy in games like this. It is up to you how cheap you can make it as well as how you design it compared to other bridge building games in that when you receive 3 stars you cannot do better even if you wanted too.

Game Commentary:

We did not find the game commentary that amazing due to the lack of it and when it is there it is mainly GLaDOS. GLaDOS has a voice that is pretty rough to listen to and thankfully you do not have to hear it every level. Yes, she eventually became quiet for a decent time giving you a break, alleviating the feeling of wanting to break your computer speakers or go temporarily deaf.

Bridge Constructor’s System:

The overall system of this game just makes sense. It is very touchy giving you that authentic gaming feel everybody wants. The smallest tweak you do to your bridge can make you look like a genius or a failure that everyone – and we mean everyone – will LAUGH at. It is all about understanding what the basics the makers have set in place to complete a level, then making it better. We found a lot of freedom when constructing bridges the way we wanted after understanding what the makers were looking for, which gave their system a high rank.

Game Longevity:

We gave this a decent score in this region as you can always go back and try to improve. It is also not a game you can just blow through as some levels can take over an hour to complete…sometimes longer. Due to how much you need your wits about you for this game, it will not be an overnight game by any means. It should take a decent time to complete depending on if you decide to stop sleeping, go to the bathroom, or forget to eat until you finish the game.

Game Addictiveness:

You may say to yourself that this is the last level, then you complete it and find yourself playing the next without realizing. This game is compulsively addictive and we are not just saying that.

Is it worth the money?

It blew past what expectations we had of the game allowing us to safely say it is definitely worth the money.

Controls Fluency:

The controls were excellent, making even the most complex bridge designs a breeze to work with. The only bad thing we found was when we double clicked to remove a section of a bridge it occasionally did not follow through but instead responded as if we wanted to build and not remove. However, the controls mostly responded fluently and were enjoyable.

Reward Factor:

This is a game that is very rewarding, making it that much more enjoyable. Some levels are very difficult and once you complete it you will believe you are capable of solving black holes for a brief second.


We gave Bridge Constructor Portal a 9 out of 10 as it was a really enjoyable game. The game commentary and a few other aspects we found to be minor enough that we did not give it a bad review but couldn’t allow us to give it a ranking higher than a 9 out of 10.

We highly recommend this game.

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