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If you have a press release you would like us to submit then please attach the file to this form. We do not edit any press release, and we leave sources to where the press release is from to give proper credit. Note that when submitting your press release please leave the company name in which it is from as well as who it is for (if applicable). If there is a website associated with who it is from and for then let us know and we will attach it to the company name(s). Also, at least one picture is highly recommended for the post’s featured image. This makes our job easier. Let us know when you would like the press release to be submitted.

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If you choose to advertise with us we will increment your success system on our website to get the most out of our partnership. We value a long-term relationship and will put the attention and care into your brand and will work diligently to create an effective digital campaign on our site.

Submit Your Game:

If you are a game developer, whether it is for Android, PC, or console, and would like us to check it out then go ahead and send it our way. Keep in mind that while we play and review it there is a chance that your game can make it to one of our top 50 lists.

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