Can the Kansas City Cheifs go to the Super Bowl Again?

September 24, 2021
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Can the Kansas City Cheifs go to the Super Bowl Again?

September 24, 2021
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This year seems different than most for the Chiefs and although it is still early in the season there are big problems the Chiefs have moving forward.

Bad Run Defense

The Chiefs are dead last in the NFL in run defense and their run offense is almost nonexistent. The Chiefs have given up more rushing yards than any other defense and some may say that it was just because they faced two great running teams. That would only be true if it did not continue to get harder as the year progresses, the hill only gets bigger as you get closer to the playoffs.

Good run-heavy offenses are the teams you will be facing when you are striking your bid to make a Super Bowl run in the playoffs. If you can’t stop them now, big changes need to be made to stop them when they taste blood in the water and the Chiefs are in their way to win a Super Bowl.

The Cheifs spent a lot of money beefing up certain key positions on their defense. Hitchens their MLB is paid the 9th highest of all MLBs in the league and he only plays around 60% of snaps. This isn’t due to an injury either. He was paid this amount because his contract year came after his largest performance of 135 tackles and he hasn’t returned to those numbers since. The Chiefs have been drafting linebackers in recent years which tells you that they see an issue at the position.

The honey badger is obviously a dominant force in the NFL but even his two picks in the game against the Ravens could not stop them from owning time of possession and eventually winning the game. Two picks are also a rarity for one player to get and Lamar Jackson’s accuracy is something Jackson has never been known for so it is hard to chalk it up to great defensive play or poor QB performance.

Their defensive line can not stop a big run-heavy offense to save their lives at this point and it is extremely noticeable. Which, if we as fans notice it other NFL teams notice it as well, and is something they need to correct quickly. The Brown’s only lost due to a few bad plays like Nick Chubb’s fumble after a dominant drive and the Scottish hammer’s botched punt.

If the Browns didn’t have those two series of unfortunate events the Chiefs would have been 0-2 on the season with the Raiders and Broncos breathing down their necks at 2-0. The Broncos and Raiders have great defenses and solid running games when their runningbacks are not injured. The Broncos have the most noticeable defense when it comes to their DB crew that is full of talent. Von Miller will be a headache for the Chiefs and Mahomes will likely have to escape the pocket to make plays downfield.

Bad Run Offense

Their decision to draft Clyde Edwards-Helaire over the Wisconsin giant Jonathan Taylor may come back to haunt them. Clyde Edwards-Helaire just can’t get anything going and it isn’t only on his shoulders alone.

If Edwards-Helaire was the only issue the Chiefs would have nothing to worry about because he can be replaced like the Chiefs did many times before with other backs. The Chiefs constantly had decent backs that did great things in times of need. However, this year the new offensive line seems like they only know how to pass protect. There are very minimal holes given for Edwards-Helaire to go through.

The Chiefs have to go against the Chargers this week and it is a huge game for them. If they lose then they will have to go into chase mode to claim the division because the Raiders and Broncos can beat a fair amount of teams and earn themselves a decent record. Home-field advantage has always been something the Chiefs have had on their side.

Home-Field Advantage

The Kansas City Chiefs have the loudest stadium in the NFL and their home-field advantage can win them a game alone. Home-field advantage for them may be the most important thing the Chiefs need to have to go into the playoffs if they do not correct their issues on offense and defense with the run game.

If the Chiefs correct these issues they will be fine, if they do not they will struggle to get back to the Super Bowl it is as simple as that.


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