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Derrick Henry was injured in the game against the Colts, what is amazing about it is he played the entire game and didn’t come out after he broke his foot. Now he has to get surgery and it is looking like he could be out for up to 10 weeks according to Ian Rapoport.

This is what we know about Derrick Henry, that is he is the king, a king of almost stiff arming defenders into that bright light, and the king of yards. He is a huge part of the Titans offense and he will be missed while he is gone.

What the Heck do the Titans do Now?

The Titans are a team with an alpha male dog leading the pack and that is Henry. However they are a team that have other alpha males waiting to lead the pack if need be.

AJ Brown, Julio Jones, Ryan Tannehill, Jeffrey Simmons, Harold Landry, Kevin Byard, and these are just to name a few. Jaws clinched, fangs ready, with chests puffed out.

The Titans are being put in a spot that they are being spoken of as if they are no longer in contention just because they lost Henry. Suposedly an army without a leader is no army at all.

Just remember though, that there are two sides to that story and there always has been. An army is nothing without their leader but a leader is more than nothing without his army.

An army can replace their leader, maybe with one not as good, but a leader nonetheless. A leader cannot replace his army.

The Titans are a solid team and now that their king is gone you just might see a team that is even more than what they were in the beginning. A team that should be carefully talked about.

A team that is even more violent, a team even more angry, a team that will want to get themselves back in contention of the Super Bowl. So they can welcome the king back at the gates of the bowl, the gates of were legends are made.

This is almost sets up the Titans for a cinderella type of story. All the Titans have to do is to be the Titans and they will do fine. They will either be more angry and visish, or scared and timid. And I don’t see them running away from anyone scared.

The Titans new slogan should be “beware of dogs” because you are about to see them, and they are the ones who will be tresspassing. My prediction is that this team plays great football moving forward with some ups and downs.


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