Can you Walk in Farming Simulator 17 and 19?

July 14, 2021
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The biggest question on everyone’s mind is can you walk in Farming Simulator 17 and 19. No one cares about how to make millions of dollars easy peasy, or what the most efficient crop is, or even the best equipment to use to save you money. So we had to take it upon ourselves to do an extensive investigation that took us about 15 seconds.

Not only can you walk ladies and gents, but you can also run. He or she is a dominant runner that accepts nothing less than a 4.28 40 yard dash. They could easily compete in the NFL combine and likely get drafted extremely high. In fact, they never slow down and you can’t even hear them breathe.

All you have to do is push the “Exit Button” which will show up on the left side of your screen. You can also enter back into a vehicle by walking up to it and tapping the same button when it appears on your screen. It is also how you interact with sending trains out, use other buildings, and how you do missions on other farmer’s fields for extra money.


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