Car Mechanic Simulator Pro Guide

August 5, 2021
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Car Mechanic Simulator Pro Guide

August 5, 2021
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1. How to Maximize Profit

There are two main aspects of selling the car. The 1st is the profit and the 2nd is how long it will take to sell the car. When the slider is to the far right it means you will make the most profit. However, this game is kind of strange with how selling a car works.

For example, the slider can be all the way to the right which is the most profitable and somehow it can be be less time to sell than when the slider is more to the left which is less profit.

Car Mechanic Simulator Profit 1

As you can see in the photo the slider is all the way to the right and the profit is $729 and the waiting time to sell the car is 1:08.

Car Mechanic Simulator Price 2

In the 2nd photo you can see we moved the slider slightly left to $690 profit and the waiting time is at 2:02. This is a bit odd but just because you sell it at a higher profit does not mean that you will have to wait longer to sell it. Play with the profit slider to see what is the best profit for the best time.

2. Time is More Important Than Quality

This may sound odd and hopefully this is not what real mechanics do but, the faster you do something the better you will get paid. Just make sure it goes to 100% complete, it doesn’t even have to look good. Just get it done as fast as you can.

Car Mechanic Simulator

3. Do Not Scroll Through the Photos of Cars

For some reason when you scroll through photos of a car you are about to buy it cost you energy. It might be to try and find an area where the car needs to be fixed before you buy it. However, sometimes you only have enough money to buy one car so there is no reason to waste energy. Most of the time I just buy the best car that I can buy.

Car Mechanic Simulator Why not to scroll

4. Drunk Oil Pouring

Pouring oil in this game should be a game all by itself. It is like your character is a drunk mechanic who hasn’t gone to the hospital yet for his broken arms. It is an absolute crap show so do your best to and not waste all the oil. It will randomly start moving down launching oil all over the place so when that happens just adjust to the best of your ability.

5. This Game is Basic

With this game being as basic as it is it is really not something that you should overthink in anyway. Whatever the situation you can get passed it. Very, very simple game.


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