Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz Signs Big Contract With the Eagles

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According to several sources including a tweet from Ian Rapoport, the Philadelphia Eagles just signed a 4-year extension with Carson Wentz for 128 million. This shows that the Eagles were not playing around and believe Wentz is their guy. This contract is good thru 2024 and will average 32 million per year which is good for Eagles fans if this pans out as they hope it does.

The Eagles really had no other choice but to do this after letting the only other possible starter go to free agency, Nick Foles. This contract is close to the same amount as Aaron Rodgers – 134 million 4-year ext. – and will put Wentz up in the big boy contracts.

This contract isn’t terrible for the Eagles but it isn’t really the premium bacon either. Carson Wentz is injury prone from what he has shown thus far, as he has not completed a full season in both of his last two seasons. Signing a guy to Aaron Rodgers money who hasn’t played a full season for too long is a bit of a stretch for me. Maybe the Eagles saw how he chugged a beer and observed how it was superior to Aaron Rodgers wimp fest attempt at it.

Although it is big daddy money, it is for just 4 years making it to where they will more than likely be able to get out of it, either through a trade or release if things go south. Who knows, maybe the red-bearded devil will be a steal at this price in due time.