Cash Inc. Tips, Tricks, and Review

Cash Inc. Image

Go Quick!

Unlock as many stores as you can as quick as you can then worry about upgrades after. You will make more money quicker by opening as many businesses and keeping the cash flow going as possible.

Hiring VIP's:

Hiring VIP's will increase your profits, you will not have to keep clicking in order to make money with VIP's. Make sure to upgrade them as well early on, the more you have in VIP's the more money you will make. Every time you upgrade one you get profit bonuses by triple.

Getting Free and Easy Money in Cash Inc:

Keep a look out for flying pigs If you see one click on it and it will give you cash. The rewards can give you a good boost so take advantage of it.

When you are away they will tell you how much money you collected and ask you to watch an ad for a 7 times boost of the amount they collected while you were away.

The wheel that is up in the top left-hand corner of your screen offers you a chance to win a surprise. You do have to watch an ad at times. For the most part, it is worth it.

Review: 5/10
Cash Inc is a great time killer, It is fun enough to play for a little while. It is another game that is built around ads instead of having ads built around the game. You are paying to play just instead of money it is your time and we all know money is time. Graphics are creative, music and sounds are enjoyable. The main goal of the game is pointless for me because I know what the makers designed this game around and that is to waste my time paying them to watch their ads.