Cell to Singularity Guide | Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

June 16, 2021
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Cell to Singularity Guide | Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

June 16, 2021
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Cell to Singularity T4G Review: 9/10

Cell to Singularity Complete Guide – Tips, Tricks, & Cheats:

In this Cell to Singularity tips, tricks, & cheats guide, we will cover how to get metabits, how to get singularity, how to get darwinium, and the rest of the most asked questions as well as other key points we think are valuable information to have. This guide is for both PC and mobile.

Quick Review:

  • Can I play Cell to Singularity offline? Yes, you can!
  • Is Cell to Singularity a pay-to-win? No, it is far from it.
  • Are the ads too overwhelming? Not at all. It is actually the perfect amount if that makes sense. You can choose to watch ads or not to double your earnings, boost your earnings, and other great perks to make that extra currency.
  • Is Cell to Singularity tedious? No, not at all. You are advancing and discovering new animals and technology. You find yourself asking what discovery am I going to uncover next? Cells is a very exciting and rewarding game.
  • Are there in-app purchases and are they worth it? There are no in-app purchases, so you do not have to worry about it. They do have merch you can purchase, however.

Cell to Singularity How to Get Metabits:
First off, you will start making Metabits once you have activated the Singularity node. After you have unlocked that node then you can restart the simulation to start earning Metabits.

Cell to Singularity How to Spend Metabits:
You spend Metabits in two different ways:

The first way to spend Metabits is in the simulator. There are glitches, such as the Lizard, that you will need to spend Metabits on in order to unlock. Unlocking those glitches will grant you access to earning more Entropy and unlocking more animals attached to that node.

The second way you can spend Metabits is in the Reality Engine. These upgrades will increase many different aspects of your simulations, such as nanobots and simulation speed effectiveness to name a few.


Cell to Singularity How to Unlock Shark:
There are a total of 6 sharks you need to unlock in order to acquire the secret achievement and each of them will require the same exact steps. All you need to do is log in and collect the daily reward. There are a total of 14; after the 14th you will unlock one shark. 84 days later and you will have all 6 sharks along with the secret achievement.


When to Restart Cell to Singularity for the First Time?
You should restart your very first game when you cannot afford upgrades and end up sitting around for a few hours or more. When you add the Metabits currency, you will be able to unlock the glitches by fixing them as explained above in the “How to Spend Metabits” topic.

Cell to Singularity When and How to Reboot?

  • When should you reboot your Reality Engine? You should reboot when production is at a standstill. When you have upgraded and discovered new ages and it seems that you have capped out or things have slowed significantly then you should restart. There are just about an endless amount of upgrades along with new discoveries you will find. After each reboot, your simulation will make significantly more Entropy and Ideas as the simulation speed will increase.
  • How to reboot? The easiest way to reboot your Reality Engine is by clicking on the top bar then choosing “End Simulation”. You will then be shown how much the next simulation will increase by.
Reality Engine Reboot

Make Sure You are Enabling the Boosters:
Boosters are a great way to double your Entropy and Ideas. Before tapping/activating the Shooting Star, the Quantum Charge, the Nanobots, or the golden Pterosaur, you will want to make sure you have activated the x2 “Boost” perk first. In doing this, you will make sure you are making the most amount of Entropy, Ideas, or Shells.

  • The x2 Boost will double your earnings for 4 hours. You can keep this going by watching 30-second ads until you max out at 3 days. Even when you are signed off, your earnings will not decrease.
  • The Shooting Star will activate a 15-second window to tap and significantly increasing your Entropy or Ideas.
  • The Quantum Charge (flying atom) will give you Entropy, Ideas, or Shells if you are in the Mesozoic Valley. Sometimes, you will be able to watch an ad to increase your earnings even more. Make sure that you have maxed out your ability to unlock the nodes before you tap on this to ensure that you are making the most Entropy, Ideas, or Shells.
  • The Golden Pterosaurs act the same exact way as the Quantum Charge explained above. Occasionally, you will be able to watch an ad to increase your earnings even more.

How do I get the Achievements in Cell to Singularity?
You will see a pattern in the achievements for both the Main Simulation and the Mesozoic Valley. There will be a Life, Dinosaur, or Civilization node that you will unlock, and then it’s just a numbers game from there. You will start out at a low number 25 and end at 250 for the Main Simulation and 75 for the low, then 200 for the high in the Mesozoic Valley. It stays true for the most part. More about the achievements are explained in our Cell to Singularity Achievements list.

How do you unlock the Mesozoic Valley?
Once you unlock the Tetrapod in the Main Simulation then you will need to break open the rock that appears in order to start your dinosaur journey.

Mesozoic Valley

How to Unlock the Unknown Node:
There are some unknown nodes as in a floating white orb with no picture. How do you get it to show the picture? Well, you need to make sure that you enough of the node it is attached or related to. For example, if you have 100 Jellyfish and you still do not see the node, ramp up the Jellyfish to 150. You will then see that the node reveals itself. Those unknown nodes could also be related to a glitch that you need to fix. In due time, you will have it unlocked, nonetheless.

Cell to Singularity How to Get Darwinium?
You can get Darwinium by unlocking certain achievements, collecting the Daily Mutations, and you can purchase them. Darwinium is great if you do not want to watch ads when triggering boosts and activating the Time Flux.

However, in the Mesozoic Valley, you will be able to purchase the Diamond Genode for 100 Darwinium. This will unlock a great amount of epic and rare cards as well as Mutagen to upgrade your dinosaurs and increase those earnings. So save it up if you do not plan on purchasing anything else with Darwinium at all.

How do you get Ideas to Singularity?
Ideas are another form of currency for the Dawn of Civilization. Once you unlock that section you will start earning that currency only usable for the Dawn of Civilization. First, you will have to tap or click on the brain section to unlock the first nodes. Then, the light will shine on newly available nodes. From the Stone Age and on you will be able to tap or click for Ideas just as you are able to for Entropy instead of having to tap or click the brain all of the time.

When Should you unlock the Singularity Node?
All of your progress will now be reset. This is nothing to fear or be unsure about. Doing this will open the door to so much more opportunities, such as learning new animal nodes through Metabits. Getting to this point may have taken some hard work, however, resetting your progress is actually reassuring. In essence, you will add a currency to your next simulation called Metabits as well as a new world – the Reality Engine. In the Reality Engine, you will be able to learn even more nodes, such as Nanobots.

You should unlock the Singularity node when you are pretty much at a standstill and the progression of unlocking more nodes become a headache. You need to keep tabs on how much you are making before you restart as well as where you left off on the nodes. You should always be increasing in Entropy and Ideas as well as discovering new nodes.

Singularity Node

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