Chili’s Boss Burger Review

Boss Burger Menu Image

When looking at the massive Boss Burger on Chili’s menu, you are in awe of the beautiful mountain meat that looks like it will guide you to the heavens in only one bite.

The burger all other burgers report to. Smoked brisket, tender rib meat, jalapeno-cheddar smoked sausage, bacon & cheddar with lettuce, tomato, House BBQ & house-made ranch. We. Dare. You.

- Chili's Menu
Image Credit: Chili's

When you read this on the menu and see the picture you can’t help but get excited. After all, I am a meat eater through and through, it makes me happy to just think about how it is going to smell.

Furthermore, two days ago I ended up caving and ordering this beast and was really surprised when it came out. For the first time, the picture was almost the exact same as the real burger. How the hell does that happen? Usually it is bullshit and the burger comes out looking like a woman on Tinder who posted pictures of her 3 years ago when she was actually in shape.

So the big bastard comes out with a stick in it and I could almost give it a kiss when she landed in front of me. I couldn’t figure out how to eat the beast, cut in it with a chainsaw or just start chomping freely without any real guide, just spray and pray.

After I got in a few bites in I realized that I would not actually be able to eat this thing in time before my bread turned to squishy dirt. I began to speed up to give myself the best chance to enjoy the Boss Burger. I did not have time to feast before my bread turned to the ground floor of the rainforest.

Now when this happened things began to turn south for me, I tried so hard to save the bread by eating quickly that I didn’t spend time enjoying the burger itself. The more I ate the more I realized that they tried too hard for this burger. Sometimes less is more and quality over quantity is king in the land of meats.

They added everything they could think of, but the overall quality was lacking terribly. The mixture of meats and qualities they used just didn’t mesh. Their brisket was some of the worst brisket I have ever eaten. The fat was thick, all over, and could damn near break your teeth. The sausage on it was weird, bacon tasted like bacon and the burger patty was actually good.

When I tasted how the patty itself tasted good I began to regret my decision. I wish I had a smaller burger that actually showed off their burger skills instead of the bad quality meats they bought to put on top of it.

What makes the Boss Burger most disappointing is the price. You are looking at about 16 dollars for okay at best quality.

Overall the Boss Burger was not pleasing and I would not recommend it. I would give it a 4/10

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