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This is a complete Cell Expansion Wars guide. In this guide, we will break Cell Expansion Wars down to the point where you will have a better understanding of the game whether you’re a beginner or advanced. There are key things that we are going to go over that every player needs to do to advance levels. Use the Table of Contents below to quickly jump to the topic of your choosing:

Table of Contents:

  1. Quick Review
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. T4G Challenge
  4. Pro Tips, Tricks, & Cheats
  1. Quick Review:

Music: The music is something you are going to want to mute. It is not seamless so you can hear it skip then restart the 30-second song. It would be great if they updated the song to make it more intense or calming. With that being said, the sound effects are great. When we play Cell Expansion Wars, the music is always muted.

Graphics: This is a simple game with pleasurable, modern graphics, and visual effects. It is almost oddly satisfying especially when you take over an enemy cell.

Overall: If you have played similar games to this, such as Splash Wars, then you know Cell Expansion Wars (CEW) is a bit tougher. CEW requires more strategic thinking instead of luck when in comparison to Splash Wars. Also, if you are competitive like us, then you will work towards getting three stars on every level. This is a game that will have you invested whether it is to kill time or for leisure. Either way, CEW is a game that is highly addicting with a large number of different gameplay challenges in each level so gameplay will never get stale or repetitive. This game will test your mind and help give your brain a workout the more you reach higher levels.

  1. Beginner’s Guide:
  • The goal of CEW is to take over the enemy cells. Strategy and Quickness along with precision is the key to completing any level. First, you need to worry about your strategy, while you are perfecting your craft think of the saying “fast is smooth and smooth is fast”. Worry about speed as you continue to gain in the levels. There is always an alternative method, you just have to think of it and practice it.
  • Cells attack strength is based upon how large the Cell is. The larger the number is on the Cell the stronger the Cell is, nothing too complicated.
  • When Cells increase in number they get multiple tentacles instead of just one. For example, when a Cell reaches 15 the Cell will have two attack tentacles. To increase the Cell number more quickly you should have Cells feeding into one another. Typically the Cells furthest from the enemy. When you have Cells feeding into one another it rapidly increases their strength, making you more deadly.
  • The tentacle you send out to attack another Cell can be cut at the base of your Cell sending the full number of the tentacle into the enemy Cell. Which when doing this will send much more of a punch than the single Cell you are sending by just keeping the tentacle connected. This is a great method to end matches more quickly while getting the upper hand on the enemy earlier or even later in the match. However, this decreases your attacking Cell’s number drastically each time you do this. So be wise with how, when, and which enemy Cell you do this to.
  1. T4G Challenge:

Our challenge for you is to get to level 500 while also getting 3 stars on each level. No getting help either, it is up to you and your mind to complete this. Rely on yourself and what you are taught from our guide. Trust what you are capable of, you can’t let yourself down if you never quit.

4. Pro Tips, Tricks, and Cheats:

  • Look to always have at least 3 Cells feeding into one another, creating a feeding system. These 3 feeders will reach 15 and unlock another tentacle allowing you to connect these feeder Cells into attacking Cells while still keeping them into feeder Cells.
  • This game can be played offline so if you want to stay away from ads disconnect your device from the internet or put your device on airplane mode. Just remember the game is free so watching ads is how Mobirix makes money. This allows companies to keep games free for us all to enjoy.
  • Run tests at the beginning of hard levels using different methods you have planned out to try and beat the enemy. The enemy tends to attack the same Cells each time so study the enemy for a weakness. There is always a weakness. Record the data and adjust as you go along. Eventually, you will have written a book in your mind on moves you should make next based upon what you know the enemy will do.
  • Beat the enemy to the free Cell or the grey Cell that no one owns yet. It is much easier to defend one Cell compared to two. If the enemy is sending a tentacle to a free Cell trying to take it over, it might be a wise decision to take it first. Sending a tentacle to the free Cell then cutting it at the base of your cell sends the full strength of the tentacle into the free cell allowing you to take it over quicker. The more free Cells you take the more you add to your army.
  • When enemies are fighting another Cell look to attack those Cells with one of yours that isn’t being attacked or isn’t busy doing something else. Look for these opportunities throughout the match and don’t be more aggressive than need be and put yourself in a bad situation. An enemy Cell can be attacking a free Cell at the same you are basically halting both cells from advancing further. In this situation, you can use another one of your Cells to attack the enemy causing the enemy to waste its attack on the free Cell or whatever Cell it is attacking at the same time you are draining it.

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