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Death Coming Now Available On Steam

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For Immediate Release

GameStop, Inc.

Death Coming, the newest title from NEXT Studio, is now released on Early Access. The pixel-based puzzler lets players spend a day deep in Death’s work and collecting souls for the afterlife through environmental manipulation. With a splatter of violence and a ton of comedy, Death Coming is wacky (if slightly morbid) fun.

EA Launch Trailer –

As a recently deceased fellow, you’ve been given the new job of Grim Reaper. While you can’t personally interfere with humans, your powers extend into the environment. With a touch of ghostly power, you can open manholes, drop air conditioners, and mess with beehives to bring souls to the Afterlife.

Be careful though, Angels don’t want you messing with the order of the world and will gladly penalize you if they catch you. If you want to take out your targets, you’ll need to know your environment, follow the schedules of your targets, and to make sure the deed is away from the watchful eyes of the Agents of Light.

Even with your new task, you can’t help but wonder: Why were you chosen? Why are Angels preventing your task? Will you get a second chance at life if you play along? You might have powers other humans may dream of, but you will need to find out these answers yourself.

Death Coming is now available on Steam Early Access for $6.99.

Death Coming Key Features
-Pixel Art Style
-Non-linear puzzle progression
-Environmental manipulation
-Morbid black comedy
-Reactive AI
-Creative kills
-Play as a reaper and find out why you became an agent of death

See What Critics Say About Death Coming!

“The contrast between what you’re actually doing and the visuals work to Death Coming’s advantage. The music is also a major contributor here. It makes it a light-hearted little puzzle game with a morbid theme and it just works.”
– Gamereactor

“Excellent pixel art with a really cool concept.”
– Attack Slug

“One of the coolest indie games at PAX.”
– Kotaku

“Death Coming is a fun game, unlike anything else I’ve ever played”
– PC Aficionado

“It’s a Final Destination game, but instead of horror you have humor. It’s great!”
– GameSkinny

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