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Debut Game With a Twist

Image Credit: Winsche Studios

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From UK Game Developer Winsche Studios

BASINGSTOKE, England – May 16, 2018 

smashET is a game featuring Extra-Terrestrial’s invasion of the earth and monsters, who are the only ones able to help humanity defend the earth.  Humans and 5 monsters must work together to destroy the ET’s ships. The monsters jump of a trampoline to hit different formations of alien ships to protect and save 100 landmarks. To make the game standout, Winsche Studios added its signature game brain called “Ody” which learns the player abilities and adapts game level difficulties to the player’s capabilities, delivering over 500 unique scenarios and hours of gameplay, fun and experience.

“Not many people know that Breakout was designed by Steve Wozniak, the creator of Apple, and tested by Steve Jobs. We wanted to recreate the experience, that two of our favourite people, an inventor and a visionary, enjoyed creating,” says Adam Winczewski, founder of the Winsche Studios.

You start by selecting monster and use trampoline to set it off in the air. Aim is to destroy alien spaceships with as little misses as possible. Once level is completed, you move to next one until boss stage.  In boss level, monster is set to fight off the mastermind behind the attack.

To finish the game, you must save all of one hundred landmarks. Even when you beat the game, don’t fear, as your skills would definitely increase. Therefore, you can start the game again and it will adapt accordingly, making new levels of difficulty.

“Everyone we talk to about smashET, praises it for its original graphics and the intelligent game adoption, something that will be a game changer for the industry,” Adam adds. “Research shows that the gaming industry, especially PC and Mobile platforms are still at growth and nowhere near its peak. Gamers of every caliber are waiting for the next Angry-Birds-type-of-game, and we are here to deliver what they want and more.”

SmashET inspirations was Angry Birds, simple yet engaging game engine and cute characters. The game is not only fun, but educational. It features 100 of the most beautiful earth’s landmarks, such as the White House, Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower, to mention but a few. With the upcoming Kickstarter launch in two months’ time, the studio is hoping to raise funds to extend the game functionality to enable even more exited gameplay.

Winsche Studios is planning to release smashET on 28th September 2018 and make it available for FREE during introductory period.

To learn more about smashET, visit the official website, check out how the Game is made on our YouTube channel, like the game on Facebook or follow smashET on Twitter.


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About Winsche Studios

Winsche Studios is the UK-based, small game development studio delivering new angle on gaming experience. “We do not want to just design games, we always start with the experience”, says studio’s founder Adam Winczewski. His passion for coding, designs and video games, enabled him to transform hobby into new age development studio. State-of-the-art AI engine called ODY is imbedded into games, making each gameplay one of its kind. smashET is the new release, where you will be able to experience ODY power.

To learn more about Winsche Studios, please visit their website.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Winsche Studios

Contact Person: Adam Winczewski

Email: [email protected]


Phone: +44 7986704586

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