Deep Town Tips, Trick, & Cheats That will Make You Pro

April 29, 2021
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Deep Town Tips, Trick, & Cheats That will Make You Pro

April 29, 2021
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Deep Town: Mining Idle Tycoon, developed by Rockbite Games, is a great, fun, and addicting real-time strategy game. The discoveries and building seem endless. It is truly a vast world with new mining bosses the further down you dig. There are some key points you need to know when starting off so you will become the most successful miner in Deep Town. We will go over the best way to make the most amount of money, leveling up, where to place your mines and why, the only reason you should do the expeditions, and much more.

Quick Review:

  • Is Deep Town a pay-to-win? No, it is not. You can purchase crystals to speed up builds and upgrades but that would eventually cost hundreds of real-life dollars.
  • Are the ads too overwhelming? Not at all. You are not forced to watch ads nor are there pop-up ads or display ads. You can choose to watch 30-second ads for coins and free chests, which can be sometimes worth it.
  • Is Deep Town tedious? No, not even close. It is not a game you could play to kill some time like Splash Wars, but it never gets tedious as you are always expanding and experiencing new quests, depths, and bosses.
  • How well will Deep Town perform on my device? It performs well on most devices. On some devices, the further down you dig and the more mining stations, chemical mining, etc. you have, your device may experience some lag if it cannot handle all of those processes.
  • What is the recommended screen size? Honestly, this game works well on most screen sizes.
  • Are there in-app purchases and are they worth it? Yes, there are in-app purchases and yes, they are worth it. The 400 crystals for $9.99 is a great deal in regards to the $4.99 deal for 150. You want a better bang for your buck then go with the 400 crystals package. Purchasing anything besides crystals is a waste of money in my opinion.

Deep Town: Mining Factory Tips, Tricks, & Cheats for Advanced Users and Beginners:

1. Pay Attention to Quests:

When starting out, you want to pay attention to your quests. Your quests will guide you in discovering new crafting items, ways to make money, earn crystals, and more. Think of quests as your foundation for the game or your guide to learning the basics of Deep Town. They’ll leave hints on what you “always need”. Your quests will also lead you to build new items for your base, such as a satellite or computer, so do make sure you are not selling what you crafted for that particular quest. To find what you need to build just head into the crafting recipes and scroll all the way to the top and you will see it there.

2. Mining Stations:

  • Make sure you upgrade your mining stations so you increase the capacity and RPM. You should upgrade them to the point that you cannot because you need a resource that is locked. This will make your life easier in gathering more material for crafting and smelting. You want to make sure you are never waiting on gathering minerals to craft something, nothing is worse than that. The upgrades will ensure that will be possible. Make sure to read about the importance of drones explained below, #6.
  • Once you get to about 10 mining stations it gets pretty pricy to build more. Do not worry about building more or filling each area with a mining station. Instead, spread them around so that you can gather more of a variety of materials. If you are lacking in one area then move a mining station to the area that has the mineral or minerals you need. You will eventually need more mining stations the further down you go.

3. How to defeat the bosses with ease:

Defeating the bosses can be a daunting task. The further you dig, the more resilient each block becomes. This goes without saying that the bosses are going to be even more resilient. There is not just one simple answer; there are multiple answers and methods. Let’s go over them.

  • First things first, you have to level up. The higher you level up, the more damage all of your spells are going to do to the monster. Over time, leveling up will be more costly in the terms of coins. And every 5 levels, you will need materials to upgrade, such as 100 silver and 400 aluminum for example. Something to keep in mind is the fact that you can spend all of your time leveling up without pushing further down the mine; the problem with that is you will not be able to use certain spell tree upgrades due to the lack of a material to craft in order to use a spell. For example, the “Electric Zap” requires one “Amber Charger” per zap, which you will need to craft. Another thing that could hinder you from leveling up every 5 levels is the required items to level up. You may not have explored an area that allows you to unlock the items you need to level up. Just level up to the point where you can deal more damage than the boss can heal.
  • The perfect spell to always use is the “Ice Freeze”. This will not only freeze the boss and prevent it from healing, but it will also allow your spells to deal more damage. Use the “Ice Freeze” along with the “Nano Cloud” and “Laser Zap”. Once the freeze wears off, hit it with the “Fire Blast”. Never use your “Ice Freeze” and “Fire Blast” at the same time because one will cancel out the other. Other spells will be better to use on certain bosses rendering other spells not as useful, so be mindful of what boss you are facing and what spells you have loaded in your bindings. Every boss is situational. Also, make sure you are using your spells when the spell has refreshed. Your ultimate goal is to make sure you deal more damage than the boss can heal. Otherwise, you will get nowhere. Another thing to keep in mind is the “Laser Zap” may not always work against bosses. You will get a “Miss” instead of a number. If you use the “Ice Freeze” then the “Laser Zap” just may work. In the case it doesn’t work, simply switch out the laser for a different spell.
  • If you are still failing to get past the boss, then make sure you level up some more or are using the right spell for the right boss. Remember, your goal is to deal more damage than the boss can heal. When the boss is healing, you want to see that green bar decrease with every hit to the point he never has more gains in healing. If it doesn’t, then you need to level up.

4. How to get past the corrupted blocks:

Getting past corrupted blocks is a lot like getting past a boss. You need to make sure your spells can deal more damage than the corrupted block can heal. If your spell’s damage cannot exceed the amount the block can heal then you need to level up. Using the “Laser Zap” may not always show up as a hit. Instead, it will show up as a miss unless you are using the “Ice Freeze” spell, the “Laser Zap” will most likely not work. The boss and corrupted blocks really go hand-in-hand. Just make sure you are switching out your normal block-breaking spells, such as the “Disposable Bots” or “Pumper Bot”, with other spells suited for the job like the “Nano Cloud”.

5. What to sell and what not to sell:

Learning what to craft or smelt to make a profit is a lot to take in. Unless you are in the very beginning, never sell your minerals and ingots (or bars). You will need those for crafting items for quests and upgrades so bank them in your inventory. You need to take into consideration:

  1. How long an item takes to craft
  2. How many items does it take to craft that one item
  3. How much is just one of that crafted item worth

Those are the three things you need to consider when selling an item. You want the biggest bang for your buck – or, more importantly, your time. For example, a circuit takes 3 minutes to craft and it crafts only one. It costs a lot of resources that are also used to craft other items and are used for upgrades or leveling up. That one circuit sells for 2070 coins. That is a pretty penny but you need to keep in mind that a circuit is also used to upgrade your mining stations. Sure, a circuit is a great profit but I would not recommend mass-producing it to sell it. Look for something that you can craft in a reasonable amount of time and that sticks to a 1:1 ratio. Make sure to check out the how to make the most amount of money topic below, #9.

6. Save your crystals:

Crystals are hard to earn. You will earn an average of 1 per quest, but you can make more per quest. However, that takes time, so we recommend that you spend them wisely. The number one reason to save your crystals is to upgrade your drone station. You will be able to afford the first drone upgrade if you save your crystals. You may even be able to afford the third upgrade if you are really stingy with your crystals. If not, it will cost you $4.99 to purchase 150 crystals, which is not a bad price. Having three drones is absolutely worth it as it will make your life much easier in doing several tasks at once. We go more into depth in the below topic, #7.

7. The importance of drones:

Having more drones is never a bad thing especially when you get further along in the game. Working with one drone is painful and you will barely get anything done. Working with two makes a big difference… But three drones, now that’s a sight for sore eyes. Now, in order to get the third drone, you will need 150 crystals. You can either purchase 150 crystals for $4.99 or just earn them through quests; it was worth the money in our eyes. This is also where topic number 6 is important to make this a lot easier for you.

Drones are your workers; they get sh*t done. They are responsible for collecting materials and building your stations and buildings above ground. With more drones, you can get more done. One thing, in particular, I love about having more drones is the fact that I do not have to collect materials myself, so the mining stations will never get full and I will be building up my inventory. If you want to spend your time wisely then you will find a way to upgrade your drone station.

8. Should you do Expeditions?

If you like the storyline then, by all means, complete the expeditions. Otherwise, spend your coins and time elsewhere. Now, you need to do expeditions if you want to complete quests, but it is not a necessity.

9. How to Make the most amount of money:

Once you start the game, money will be hard to come by, however, it isn’t much needed until later on in the game. Once you get a crafting station, you can start off by crafting Graphite. It uses 5 resources of coal but it crafts every 5 seconds, which is a quick way to earn thousands early on. Coal is also very easy to come by. With that being said, you want to eventually build a chemical mining station. Once you build a chemical mining station:

  1. Start searching for silicon. Silicon is perfect for smelting glass, which is a very pretty penny.
  2. Then, craft the glass into lab flasks. Before selling the glass or lab flasks make sure to have at least three chemical stations and upgrade them to level two ASAP. You will need a chemistry station to make 20 clean water for each upgrade, which costs 1 lab flask.
  3. After the upgrades along with 3 chemical stations, you will end up having 21 silicon every 10 minutes, which will pretty much create a constant smelting of glass.
  4. Then, dedicate one crafting bot to craft the glass into lab flasks. It takes one minute to craft a lab flask, which is worth 800 coins. 800 coins per minute are more than you can make with any other item and it is a 1:1 ratio too – 1 glass to 1 lab flask. Overnight, you will end up making seven figures! You will also make seven figures during the day. Eventually, you will not be able to keep up with spending money.

This game takes time to go through and it has been crafted very well by the developers. We hope these tips have helped you in your journey through Deep Town! If you have any questions or need any other help then please let us know in the comments and we will try our best to answer your question(s). We strive to make the best guides out there so make sure to check out our other mobile gaming guides.


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