Deshaun Watson Bitter Over Teammates Leaving?

On a Miller Lite live stream, Deshaun Watson was playing a game with 3 others and was asked what teammate was his favorite to play with. He took some time to think about it. He then said his favorite high school, college, and NFL teammates he played with. Not a huge shocker here but his favorite NFL player was DeAndre Hopkins (D-Hop). Hopkins was just traded in a deal that most fans were not happy about in Houston. In Madden's standards, this trade would be considered cheating.

Seconds after he said D-Hop he also said, "[...] and Tyrann Mathieu." Both of these players were on the Texans and were released or traded for money or whatever other reason it was. The honey badger went to the Chiefs where he helped get them to a Superbowl. He was actually part of shutting down and stopping the Texans from getting to the Superbowl.

Moreover, Bill O'Brien became not only the head coach but was promoted to GM as well which gives him total control of the team. He can draft, trade, and sign whoever he wants. Many Texans fans were probably nervous about this and were probably expecting a new GM to come in to replace the last. That has not happened and more than likely it will not unless he loses both jobs altogether.

Many Texans fans will never see eye to eye with trading D-Hop for what he did or for waiting to trade Clowney for so long. If you didn't think you were going to sign Clowney then why not trade him when your organization has all the power? O'Brien trades D-Hop away then trades for Brandin Cooks who cost more per year than D-Hop did. So what was the point of all that? it sure in the hell wasn't to save money. Isn't that the reason why he didn't sign Tyrann Mathieu? Because he cost too much?

If you are just as confused you are not alone, Deshaun Watson and other teammates feel the same they just don't say it as much as they think it. Deshaun Watson and the team are probably more confused than we are and when you lose the troop's trust, they tend to not fight as well in battle. Morale has a lot to do with success. When your starting QB says that his favorite teammates were the guys you ousted, you are probably losing his and other's faith in you as a coach. Bill O'Brien cast a big shadow over himself this upcoming season and if the Texans do badly, the fans will want him gone as they wanted Matt Schaub gone.

Here is the link to the Live Stream https://www.twitch.tv/millerlite