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Destiny 2 Review:

Destiny 2 is a game that is more multiplayer than a large campaign mode. The campaign mode can be beaten fairly quick. Although it is quick, it is still fun. This is a game that will last awhile.


Destiny 2 has great potential to keep going strong for a while with how they set it up. The shooting mechanics are fantastic. The makers also did a great job at keeping you wondering what kind of weapons or armor you may unlock. Each planet has many different activities to get lost in while exploring this medium-sized open-world. The graphics are sufficient, so we cannot knock them for it.


Same thing, different mission is what the campaign mode felt like. It was too easy and too short. This game has a lot of potential but they have not come close to that potential yet. Multiplayer is boring and we, the buyer’s, shouldn’t have to wait for updates for it to get better. It’s like the makers had only 5 ideas for multiplayer and wanted to drag them over a 10 year period.


Destiny 2 scored a medium score on our grading system, enough to make it worth playing. They dropped the ball though as this could have been the best game of the year. It’s another game that wants you to see their finished product instead of what they already produced.

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