Does Strength Matter in Madden 20?

July 31, 2019
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Does Strength Matter in Madden 20?

July 31, 2019
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Does strength matter in Madden 20 or is it just like every other Madden? We run a lot of tests in the game of Madden to better inform our community on how to manage the system. We test modes, coaching packages, ratings and all other aspects of Madden.

When we first brought up this rating for testing, we surely thought it would play a huge part in many different categories. We discussed it in almost a laughing matter as if it were a no brainer but knew we had to run the tests regardless.

We tested strength in every position while also using different plays to truly grasp the reality of this player rating. In fact, we also adjusted the players’ weight in hopes it would show the ratings true power increase or decrease becoming more obvious. We ran blitzes, coverage’s, jump balls, power running plays, all different lineman blocking schemes and everything else we could think of.

After countless testing, we found no evidence strength in Madden 20 had any effect. There was no difference between a lineman who’s 400 pounds with 99 strength compared to the exact same lineman at 160 pounds with 1 strength. There should be a clear difference between the two and, unfortunately, there was none.

However, what we did discover from this – other than disappointment – was that strength in certain positions play a huge part in overall. A lineman, for example, gets a huge boost from strength on their overalls. This means that you will actually want less strength in the overall rating. If you have two linemen with the same overall, let’s say 88 overall for example, one of those linemen have a 90 strength and the other an 80. The lineman with the 80 is actually a better lineman. For the 80 strength lineman to be at an 88 overall it would mean that he would need a lot of other ratings that actually mean something compared to the other 90 strength lineman.

In other words, pick guys with lower strength ratings and you will get better players. Hopefully Madden fixes this because this should be blatantly clear that a lineman at 160 pounds with 1 strength would get crushed compared to a 400 pound 99 strength lineman and the evidence is just not there.


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