Does the Stack and Release (SAR) still work in Madden 20?

Does the SAR Still Work in Madden 20
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The big question: Does the Stack and Release (SAR) still work in Madden 20 Franchise Mode?

Answer: The SAR does still work even though EA has tried to stop it ever since Madden 19.

Now, there are league settings that can protect against the SAR called “Roster Protection”. If you are in a league where you are not the commissioner and the SAR does not work on a defensive end, offensive linemen or any other position listed below then the commissioner has those settings activated.

We have created a way to get wide receivers, CBs, and TEs. The SAR works very easily (one wave trade) with the following positions:

There is also another method we created called the Stack and Trade (SAT). This method is different than the SAR because you trade a player at the same position – whose overall is higher than the player you are trying to get – to the team that has your player. Then, you can trade for that player. Read more about the SAR and SAT here.

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