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The Evil Within 2 Game Review

The Evil Within 2 review The Evil Within 2 game review Evil Within 2 review Evil Within 2 Game review is The Evil Within 2 Worth it

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The Evil Within 2 Review:

This is a thriller, slow-paced game that takes you through a story that is better experienced than told.


The storyline will keep you on your toes throughout this thrilling adventure. You will keep getting sucked back in no matter how freaky or eerie it is just because you want to know more. The graphics aren’t amazing but are good enough to make it creepy. It is a thinker style game making you ponder your next move carefully, especially if you play on the hardest difficulty. This is not a game you will just breeze through quickly, so you will get your money’s worth. The game is more creepy than scary, but you still should have a few jump scares a few times.


The biggest con of The Evil Within 2 would be the lack of weapons and the lack of an ability to defend yourself. Your character, Detective Sebastian, is by far the most out of shape human being on the planet. He is good for about five, maybe 5.5 steps before holding his gut and preparing to hit the floor. The aiming is horrible causing trouble for even the advanced shooters.


This is a game that is played for the storyline and not the ass kicking, take all enemies by storm, with a cigarette and two large guns you named after your killer dogs. We gave our ranking based upon the thrill of what is coming next and where this is leading to. We encourage gamers that enjoy great storylines and games that take a while to complete to try this game out.

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