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Fallout Shelter, T4G Review 9.5/10

This is a Fallout Shelter tips, tricks, and cheats guide for every skill level. You will no longer struggle in this game, and you will learn how to get more Caps and we’ll show you how to speed up time in Fallout Shelter. We will also walk you through how we name our people that way you never get confused as to who belongs to what family. We also have a video at the bottom of this post, in which Dodds talks about how to speed up time, the naming system, the Mysterious Stranger, and how to make unlimited Caps. Now, let’s jump in!

How to Start Your Fallout Shelter
When you first start out you will want to take advantage of the 3 different vaults you can have simultaneously. To do this, you will play in a vault until you have been awarded the 3 lunchboxes, which happens at the beginning of each game. After you have been awarded the 3 lunchboxes it is time to exit and choose another vault and repeat the process. After the 3rd vault, you will have a pretty good idea of which one of these 3 vaults will be the best for you to start out with and make your main vault. What you win in the Lunchboxes in the early stages of the game are key to either having it easy on yourself or very difficult.

Do Not Make an Exception!
Always, always, always start out with a Powerful Dweller. To get one of these Dwellers you will have to win one inside of a lunchbox, which is much easier than you may think. If, by the 4th lunchbox at the beginning of the game, I am not awarded one of the beastly Dwellers I will back out, delete that vault and try again. On average you will pull at least one of these Dweller cards more times than not. Pulling one of the Dwellers changes the game for you more than you can imagine. They are leveled up and do much better in the wasteland than the average Jimmy Bob dwellers that are waiting in a line right when you start. I cannot stress this enough, do not make a vault your main if you do not get one of those powered up Dwellers. Sometimes you will even get two of them if you are really lucky. This Powerful Dweller will be the one you send out to the wasteland with a decent gun when you will be away from the game for an extended period of time. In one of the Lunchboxes you will get some weapons, hopefully, a powerful one with 10+ damage. Keep hold of this weapon for when you decide to do Rushes in the future, but we will get into that the more we go on.

The 4 Lunchboxes
The first Lunchbox you will get is for rushing a room. The second you will get from collecting 50 water. The third you get is from leveling up a Dweller so don’t level up any Dweller before you this award is available. The 4th you will get for equipping one of the Dwellers with an outfit. Don’t be in a rush to complete them all quickly; remember, they are easily completed but can be made hard if you decide to make it hard.

How to Make Time go Faster in Fallout Shelter and Also Level up Dwellers Quickly
Bethesda made a big mistake with how they created this game. Fallout Shelter is a real-time-based game. This means that everything is based on real-life 24 hours. The further you get into the game the longer things take to get done because the rewards are bigger and better. Eventually, it will take you 12 hours just for you to get to an outpost mission in the wasteland. We found that the time was just too much and we did not really want to spend real money on this game, so we looked for flaws in the game and ended up finding a big one…the game is based upon the time set on your device.

This is a good thing because if you save your game, exit, then change the time on your phone (or another device and in that order) to a different time zone that is hours ahead of yours, then the game does not know any better when you start it back up. The game will now act as if you jumped ahead making missions, leveling up dwellers, and much more in seconds instead of hours. This process can be repeated for as long as you want. Once you change your time zone to a time zone further ahead, you can change the time back while you are still in the game. Wait until you hear something go wrong with the game, such as the music stops or a certain sound stops. At this time, you should exit the game and advance the time again, this will allow you to keep advancing the time which, in turn, will save you hours of real-time. Also, do not worry.

The First Dwellers
The first Dweller in the line is always a Strength Dweller, which means that they are the best working in the Power Generator station. You will also more than likely get one who is good at Agility which is great for the Diner and another who is good at Perception which is good at the Water Treatment station. Make sure they are placed in the right station in order to maximize production. Not all Dwellers will be perfectly suited for each job. This will also decrease their happiness.

The Grid Technique
The Grid Technique is by far the most important technique you will need to get right in order to produce a lot of Caps in the near future. If you build the way we suggest you will get much more Caps in a quicker time than it takes sending Dwellers out to the wasteland for Caps. The wasteland is great for picking up a lot of weapons and not so much for you to rely upon as your main source of Cap production. As we move on through this guide it will start to make more sense.

Start by making individual boxes and not so much in trying to make the rooms large. Rooms that are made large are actually a disadvantage in the long run. Build a Power Generator Station as one room, right next to that add a Diner Station, next to that add a Water Treatment Station. Keep repeating this process for 4 rows down. On the two bottom rows, you will want to place the Diners where the Water Treatment Stations are so you are evenly distributing resources.

How to Earn A lot of Caps Through Rushing Rooms Based on Our Grid Technique
You will make a sh*t load of Caps by Rushing! There is a reason we had you build your buildings the way we did. Fallout Shelter rewards you heavily for rushing rooms. In fact, it is the most important way to make Caps and will make you way more Caps than any other thing you do besides speeding up time after going into the wasteland. Even if you fail in a rush the people in that room will get XP from the fire or the attack. In this case, the risk is not greater than the reward! Only 1 of 3 things is going to happen to you when you rush a room. The 1st is that you will succeed and make Caps, the 2nd is you will fail and get attacked by something, which is usually a joke. Or the 3rd is the room will catch fire because you failed.

The beautiful thing about how Bethesda created this game is that the game is based upon the size of the room and not how many people you can fit into a room. For example, if something attacks a large room with 6 people in it, it is the same as if that same exact thing attacked a small room with 2 people in it. Even when you rush rooms, the percentage is the exact same. So keeping the rooms smaller is actually more of an advantage because smaller rooms only require two people and those 2 people are actually as strong as 6. All rooms are based upon a percentage, whether that be in rushing or fighting, and size does not involve increasing or decreasing that percentage.

If you are at the very beginning of the game and you are rushing and do not have guns for everyone then just keep ahold of all the guns that you do have while you are rushing and give it to the Dwellers who failed in a rush and are about to fight off something. Take the guns back when the fight is over and keep the process going. There should never be an excuse not to have guns because there is a very high chance that you will get one in a Lunchbox at the very beginning of the game.

How Much Caps can you earn in Fallout Shelter from Rushing Rooms?
The answer is quite a lot. You win even if you fail because you are giving your Dwellers XP regardless and that helps level them up. The number of Caps you can earn from rushing rooms can be up to 3000 Caps every 3 minutes. We have an advanced shelter that can easily rack up 10k Caps before you know it from rushing. It is all based upon that percentage we were talking about. The better your Dwellers are the lower percentage of failure you have but remember one big thing, that the chances are usually on your side.

The amount of Caps you earn is based upon the percentage of failure the room has. 36% chance of failure will earn you 36 Caps or slightly under. I rush rooms even in the 70% failure range in my advanced vault because I know I can kill off anything that comes my way if I fail. At times you will lose 3 straight then when 9 in a row. Always remember that eventually, the chances are on your side.

Building your First Outpost
When you build your first Outpost the game will force you to go on a mission and it is extremely worth it. Send 3 of the people that you want to get XP the most because the mission is a cakewalk and is basically trying to just give you items to help you start out. Bringing weapons would be wise but they do not have to be amazing weapons because you are only fighting two Radroaches or something like that. One is green (Boss) and the other is a regular Radroach. The reward you get for going on that first mission is a Lunchbox and some other items.

Save your Cola Bottles at the Beginning of the Game
I would use the Cola Bottles to level up the Dwellers’ strength to make them better at their job. Power tends to be one of the biggest problems in the future and strength is needed in order to be successful at working in the Power Generator Station. Once you get a weight room, which should not take long to get, you will want to send some of your weak Power Generator Dwellers (the ones with low strength) to the weight room and use a Cola bottle to level them up so you do not have to wait 20 years.

The Best Way to Unlock Objective Rewards that Requires Equipping Dwellers with Weapons or Outfits
When you come across one of these Objectives you should know that they are the easiest objectives to complete. The CPU does not know if a Dweller has already been equipped with an outfit so you can unequip the outfit then equip it again and it will count. The same goes for weapons as well. Think smarter not harder and remember you are dealing with a CPU (not an A.I.) that thinks only in parameters. There is no out-of-the-box thinking that the CPU can do. It is only what a human has designed it to think, which leaves room for error.

We hope we have helped you with this Fallout Shelter guide. If you have any questions or need help please, do not hesitate to comment below.

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