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  • 15 Minute Rebuild Challenge – Madden 20 Challenges

  • T4G 

    February 13, 2020 at 11:21 AM

    Well, you have 15-minutes to rebuild any NFL team. The goal is to rebuild a team and win the Super Bowl by simming it.


    Play in All-Madden. You get more credit in All-Madden if you are going to play any games during your 15-minutes but we will accept (and won’t judge) if you play on a lower difficulty. Any trading method goes besides moving them to a punter then trading for them. This does include the SAR and SAT. Once your 15 minutes is up then you have to stop whatever you were doing and sim to the Super Bowl. You can sim week by week, midseason, it doesn’t matter how you sim. You just have to sim to the Super Bowl. You cannot play the Super Bowl, you have to sim it. If you want to rebuild your team a little or none at all and sim you could. If you want, you could sim to the Super Bowl and play in the Super Bowl in your 15-minute time period, but you have to be one lucky person to get there through simulation. You could also play some games just as long as it is in your 15-minute time period. No in-game rules apply, such as you can play in any quarter length you’d want with the accelerated clock turned on.

    Good Luck:

    We wish you all the best of luck. Let us know how you did in the comments below. You can post pictures of your records as well!

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