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  • Aaron Rodgers Madden 20 Player Profile

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  • T4G

    November 23, 2019 at 3:42 PM

    T4G’s Complete Aaron Rodgers Profile

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    • We, T4G, created all of the information below in a Real-Life Roster via Online Mode. Some of the tips below, such as how to trade for Aaron Rodgers, will be mainly for the regular season week one. Some information can be used in a fantasy draft, however, the trade and contract will be different (safer to assume). For users who are in Offline Mode, most information will be relevant, however, the trade may be slightly different.

    Player Name/Position/Size: Aaron Rodgers, QB

    Development/X-Factor Ability: Superstar X-Factor (Gambler). “When they enter the zone the can’t be intercepted (by AI defenders)”.

    X-Factor Activation Tips: It is very easy to activate this ability, all you need to do is make consecutive passes for 5+ yards in the air. Don’t throw repeated incompletions.

    Overall: 90, which is ridiculous on Madden’s part.

    Aaron Rodgers’ Archetype: Tied between improviser and Field General with the other two close behind.

    Aaron Rodgers’ Scheme Fit(s): It won’t matter Aaron can fit in basically any schemes with how close his Archetypes.

    Aaron Rodgers Position Switches: N/A

    Trait Grade: A+. His traits are where you would want them.

    Average Regression Age:

    Average Retire Age:

    Aaron Rodgers’ Trade Guide:

    Realistic Trade Value (User to User): 1st round top 10 pick of the current year. If you are trading him away you should ask for a (CSP) two more first-round picks and a 3rd round pick due to the $48.5m cap hit you are going to take.

    How to Trade for Aaron Rodgers: Trading for Rodgers is not as hard as you think it is. You can get him by trading for Akiem Hicks on the Bears, a 1st round pick (usually a decently high 1st) and a RG that shows high interest (green) and is an 80 plus overall. Remember, every team trades differently with one another and you may have to change it slightly.

    Player Trade Away Value (CPU): You can use Aaron to get you impossible young QBs along with getting a next year 1st and a 3rd-5th round draft pick. The world is your oyster when trading away Aaron Rodgers. He has more power than Brees does in the trade game.

    Aaron Rodgers’ Contract Guide:

    Contract Grade: Just the contract itself is a B. When trading for him it becomes a bit better due to the Packers paying off his $48.5m Signing Bonus. Trading for him will drop his contract down to $116m and his highest year declining from $37m to $25m. Making him much more affordable along with you not owing him any money with the option to trade or cut him at any time to protect yourself from regression.

    Contract: Len6yrs, Rem5yrs, Total$176m, Savings – $14.5m, Penalty$48.5m.

    Contract Tips: If you are the playing as the Packers there is not much you can do. Once he gets down to a $20m penalty then you can think about trading or cutting him. If you traded for him there is no reason to touch his contract because he is only at $116m with no guaranteed money left on his contract giving you total control.

    Aaron Rodgers’ Upgrade Guide: Just upgrade him in the areas he is already good, such as Improviser and Field General to keep his overall high and to combat regression.

    Aaron Rodgers’ Gameplay Tips: Aaron Rodgers short-throw accuracy is the best at a 96 but all others are not too far off. His weakest is his Medium accuracy at 87. His Stamina and Injury are insane with them both at a 98. He is a workhorse that can do so many things for your offense. Running him like a scrambling QB will more than likely not pan out for long so keep it to a minimum.

    Aaron Rodgers’ Rebuild Grade: A+. He is a king when it comes to getting you impossible QBs.

    Aaron Rodgers’ MUT Cards:

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