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Best Drag Tunes For the .2 Mile


Games Forza Horizon 4 Best Drag Tunes For the .2 Mile

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      What car, tunes, and upgrades along with the best times you posted?

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        Hey everyone, this is my tune for the Cerbera Speed 12 1998 TVR, last I checked I was in the top 4% at the horizon festival drag strip for s2 and X Rivals. This car has hit 7.674 as an automatic and regularly hits 7.741. I’ll start with the parts you’ll need then I’ll go over the tune.

        Engine swap- Racing V12

        Drive train swap- AWD drive train

        Aspiration – twin turbo

        Intake- Race intake

        Fuel system – race fuel system

        ignition- race ignition

        valves- race valves

        displacement- racing engine block

        pistons/compression- race pistons/ compression

        twin turbo- race twin turbo

        Intercooler- race intercooler

        oil/cooling- stock

        Brakes- race brakes

        Springs and dampers- Rally springs and dampers

        Weight reduction- race weight reduction

        clutch- race clutch

        Transmission- Race transmission

        Driveline- Race driveline

        Differential- Race diff

        Tire compound- drag tire compound

        Front tire width- 305 MM front tires

        Rear tire width- 375 MM Rear tires

        Rims- any that don’t add weight

        Front rim size- stock

        Rear rim size- stock

        Front track width- all the way out

        Rear track width- all the way out

        front bumper- stock

        rear wing- stock


        front – 15.0 psi

        rear – 15.o psi


        final drive- 2.20

        1st – 5.21

        2nd – 3.82

        3rd – 2.91

        4th – 2.39

        5th – 1.80

        6th – 1.40



        front – 0.0

        rear – 0.0


        front – 0.0

        rear – 0.0

        front caster

        angle – 6.5

        Anti Roll Bars

        front – 1.00

        rear – 1.00


        Front – 463.9 LB/IN stiff

        Rear – 463.9 LB/IN stiff

        Ride height

        front – 2.6 in

        rear – 2.1 in


        Rebound Stiffness

        front – 10

        rear – 10

        Bump Stiffness

        front – 10

        rear – 1




        Braking Force

        Balance – 50%

        Pressure – 100%



        Acceleration – 100%

        Deceleration- 0%


        Acceleration – 100%

        Deceleration – 0%


        Balance – 89%

        0- 60 mph 0.936

        0- 100 mph 1.832

        top speed 268.7 mph

        This tune is shared on Xbox One so feel free to download named 7.674 drag tune, created 12/06/2018. I did post one 5 days ago that is a tad bit slower so make sure to avoid that one. Also if you know of any ways to make improvements to this tune or if you discover something else that improves the time let me know in the comments.


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          I am going to test this out. I only got mine to a 8.0 in the .2 mile so I appreciate it. Cheers!

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            Let me know how it goes! Cheers!

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