Bricks Breaker Tips and Tricks

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    1. The balls bounce off anything it touches so your goal is to get them to the very top of the blocks so they can keep bouncing off the top then back down hitting more blocks. This will maximize how many blocks you hit and get you much more points then if you just went after the bottom row of blocks. It will surprise you how many blocks you can destroy if you do this time after time.2.  Look for the triangle blocks that lead to the top blocks when possible. The game gives you hints on where to go when you first start out. It is not easy to always find however it is something to remember to look out for.

      3. Don’t aim directly at a block because it will just send them back down causing you to miss out on greater opportunities for maximum points. Only aim directly at a block if there is only a few left. Instead aim to the side of a block so it will bounce off and go upwards hitting more blocks.

      I will try to add to this list in the future.

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