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  • Deshaun Watson Madden 20 Player Profile

  • T4G

    November 22, 2019 at 7:55 PM

    T4G’s Complete Deshaun Watson Profile

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    • We, T4G, created all of the information below in a Real-Life Roster via Online Mode. Some of the tips below, such as how to trade for Deshaun Watson, will be mainly for the regular season week one. Some information can be used in a fantasy draft, however, the trade and contract will be different (safer to assume). For users who are in Offline Mode, most information will be relevant, however, the trade may be slightly different.

    Player Name/Position/Size: Deshaun Watson, QB, 6’2″, 221Ibs.

    Development: Superstar

    Overall: 82

    Position Switches: Wouldn’t try it with the Wats.

    Deshaun Watson Archetype: Improviser

    Trait Grade: A+. He has a High Motor and is Predictable when Resigning. He has almost perfect traits.

    Average Regression Age:

    Average Retire Age: 35/36

    Deshaun Watson Trade Guide:

    How to Trade For Deshaun Watson:

    Stack and Release (SAR) – Yes. Stack and Trade (SAT) – Not Currently.

    1. You can get him with our QB (SAR) with Drew Brees very easy. Trade for Brees, once you have Brees Make sure you are in the Regular Season then trade Brees to the Texans for a draft pick and NOT a player. After you did that you will now want to pick up the top 3 free agency QBs and trade all 3 of them to the Texans. They will drop Brees and Watson at the same time. Trade Brees away for a 1st and a 5th round pick of next year.

    Deshaun Watson’s Trade Away Value: Realistic Grade is an A+, he develops nicely, you can sign him fairly cheap nothing less than a 1st and change. CPU Trade value.

    Contract Guide:

    Contract: Len4yrs, Rem 2yrs, Total$13.9m, Bonus$8.23m, Savings$1.72, Penalty$4.12m.

    Contract Tips: Deshaun Watson accepted this contract 5 out of 5 times we offered it to him. Watson negotiates for a new contract in 2021. He typically becomes a high overall so our advice is to release him to and take the Cap Penalty of $4.12m then pick him back up immediately for around $17m off the Free Agency. Save all of his XP points until you resign him, even if he goes to the Free Agency Signing period the system will still keep his points. No need to make him more expensive then he needs to be. You will get a chance to negotiate at the end of the year in the Offseason week one. He will want just under $200m, typically around $183m. Low ball him, offer $130m, $550k Salary and $18m Signing Bonus. It will come out to $130m in total. Deshaun will more than likely decline it, do not franchise tag him just let him go to Free Agency, $35m franchise tag is too much.

    During Free Agency he will ask for the same contract, 6 years for $183m. Most CPU teams will be in the 50 point range or lower 60s. Offer him a 7-year $550k Salary and a $15m Signing Bonus for a total of $109m or above. That offer will give you 66 points and more than likely put you above the others. If you want protection offer him a 7-year $550 Salary, with a $17m contract for a total of $123m and that will give you 72 points. Do not offer him any higher Salary, Madden will give you more points for using more Signing Bonus than Salary because Signing Bonus is Guaranteed money. This will also keep your contract with Watson under control

    If you have a USER in your league and they are trying to outbid you just know that they will not be able to match points with you very easily because of how this contract is offered. You will get more points even than the others because you are paying him less, however, you are offering him most of his contract guaranteed. If you have to just increase the bonus and make sure you are at least 6 points ahead before you sim the next week.

    He will be coming up on a contract at age 30, every year you will be paying him right around the same amount each year; right around $24m every year or even less.

    Deshaun Watson’s Upgrade Guide: Watson is good enough to keep them all about even. Don’t stick with Improviser, his Archetypes are very close to one another so try and make him balanced.

    Deshaun Watson Gameplay Tips: Turn Speed Threshold to 0. He is fast enough to annoy you with his legs at 84 SPD, 88 ACC, 88 AGI, and make big plays happen from running. Watson is an 80 Elusiveness is 5 points under perfect and if you have to use the Juke move, over the spin move or Trucking move. His 84 speed doesn’t feel like it fits him as it is slower than most expect. Also, avoid hits as much as you can his carrying is a 66. His Injury and Stamina are good so you can rely on him not getting tired often and only injured on occasions. Throw Power is decent at an 89, build on the short throws with him as his Short Throw Accuracy is his highest accuracy at an 89. His QB Throw Style is Generic 1 which isn’t too bad.

    Deshaun Watson’s MUT Cards:

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